Carl Cox Birthday Essential Mix

Last week, Carl Cox was playing live at Sands to celebrate his 50th Birthday, the following night, his set in Space was recorded live for the BBC Essential Mix that went out Saturday just gone. You can still listen listen again to the set, and i recommend you do, listen below or Go to

MYNC @ Bora Bora August 2012

Bora Bora IS Ibiza to a lot of people…. Well it used to be, In the late 90’s and the early 00’s Bora Bora built its name as the ultimate Ibiza destination, Sun Sea Sand and amazing tunes played all day long on the beach, the idealistic day in Ibiza didn’t get any better.

Over the last 5 years however, for various reasons Bora Bora has been through a lul. The spark had been extinguished, people have still been going and loving it, but for people who remember it pre 2007, it had lost the spark that made it extra special.

But this season, things are looking up, Bora Bora has started to catch my attention again, i don’t live in Ibiza, so if something catches my attention, it’s not because ive walked past it, it’s because people are talking about it, which means it’s getting good again because for the last few years people haven’t been talking about Bora Bora

In steps MYNC presents Cr2 Live And Direct  @ Bora Bora, Finally, something to make you raise an eyebrow, a reason to go to Bora Bora because something great is happening not just because they pay someone to walk round in a spiderman suit. If you’re not sure, Cr2 are the label behind the Space Ibiza CD and this seasons Cafe Mambo CD. They are broadcasting from Bora Bora each month and they are making a party people are paying attention to.

This Month, they are at Bora Bora on Wednesday the 15th August With special guest Fat Boy Slim straight from his performance from the Olympic games. I Hope he comes on that giant octopus!

Check out Felix Da Housecat’s set from the June party this year on Soundcloud

And also check out the video on Youtube

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Rockers Revenge Beach Party

Everyone loves the beach, and everyone loves a party, put them together and through in one of the best dance acts of all time, and you have yourself one hell of a party.

If you’re not bothered about the Radio 1 gig  (which most people aren’t) or you didn’t get a ticket, then head down to La Plage which is net to the radio 1 gig and party on down to Groove Armada, Tim Sweeney and Huxley. With only 2000 people getting into the Radio 1 show ive got a feeling this beach part is going to be a road block

The last time i was partying on the beach down there was when Ushuaia was cool and only a bar on the beach. If i had the option, i would probably opt for this beach party. and the best thing is… ITS FREE!


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