Amnesia Ibiza Anthems 1990-2011

Everyone loves something for free and today has been made that little bit brighter with Amnesia giving away a 4CD mix of the best of Amnesia from the last 21 years!

I’ve not listened to it yet as it’s still downloading however i don’t think i need to listen to it to be able to say its going to be a great mix to listen to!

I have removed the download link until i verify whether this was meant to be a free download or if Amnesia’s Facebook page got compromised.

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Amazing Or An Abomination?

Over the last couple of years Pop hip hop / rap / pop as been given a bit more of a Dance orientated beat, I don’t want to say it has been made into dance music as i don’t believe it is dance music!

The likes of Kelly Rowland, The Black Eyed Peas, Jennifer Lopez, Flo Rida, Rihanna, Lil’ Wayne, Taio Cruz, Tinie Tempah and Snoop Dogg have all had massive exposure in the UK trying pass off their music as Dance music.

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Pacha Overcrowding

Every now and then when your reading reviews you come across someone complaining about how busy a club is and how it ruins a night. Cream in Amnesia has always been a night people say is to busy but in my experience there has always been a place to stand, even if it’s not on the dance floor or facing the DJ.

But over the last 12 months the attention hasn’t been on Cream but its been on Pacha, I keep reading time and time again about the club being so full for the FMIF night and for the Swedish House Mafia Night. As ive said in the past, people will always complain about it being to busy and it not being enjoyable, but these reviews are now changing to people not feeling safe in a club which i feel is a totally different story.

Ibiza Voice has just published a story about David Guetta’s night at which people were pushing each other around and scuffling with security. It’s certainly not the type of thing you want to be hearing about any night. Ibiza voice seem to be calling to Pacha with the article they released to do something about it and i agree with them.

In the 12 years ive been going to Ibiza ive never seen or heard of any of the big clubs say a night has sold out. This type of overcrowding is only something that seems to be talked about in the last couple of years and it is always at the more commercial nights on the island. Maybe the nights are attracting more people than the club can handle, or maybe the internet is just making it easier to find stuff like this out without being there in person.

Either way, it really seems like Pacha need to address what really seems to be a problem with their two commercial nights.

Source: Ibiza Voice

Cream Ibiza Spotify Playlists

Dance music can be really hard to find on Spotify, there is some stuff on there but there but i don’t think it’s represented to well. The best thing to do if you want to find it, is find a playlist, this way, someone else has done the legwork to find the music so you don’t have to!

Cream have now got a spotify playlist for everyone to join in with! All you need is Spotify installed on your PC and a spotify account and your away!

Cream Ibiza Spotify Link

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Carl Cox 10 Hour Set

Tomorrow Carl Cox opens his 10th season at Space with a mammoth 10 hour set!

10 years ago, Carl Cox was king of the castle at the top of his game, 10 years on, he is still king of the castle at the top of his game! Nobody in dance music has been as consistently good and popular for such a long time, Sure people have been popular for just as long, but i don’t think anyone has been as consistently popular.

There are a few nights in Ibiza i am ashamed to say i have never been to considering the amount of times i have been to the Island and although ive seen Carl Cox at Space ive never been to his night.

If you have the opportunity, i would encourage everyone to get to space tomorrow and help be part of 10 years of Carl Cox at Space.

Not only is Carl playing for 10 hours but you could check out Yousef on the covered terrace which was amazing last time i saw him there (i believe Dance Trippin has a video of this), you can also check out Adam Sheridan in the Red box or Pukka Up in El Salon.