Radio 1 weekend Tickets

Its only two weeks away now and Radio 1 will be what everyone is talking about in Ibiza. They are throwing a free party at Ushuaia but you will need a ticket to get in. Tickets can be picked up at a selection of venues around Ibiza starting from Wednesday the 3rd August.

If you’re not down their on Wednesday at the times stated, i will be very surprised if you get a ticket. If you land in Ibiza on Thursday or Friday, then again, i would be surprised if there were any tickets left. The demand to be at Radio 1 events is remarkable and every man and his dog will be trying to get tickets!

If you do get tickets then a free bus will be put on for you.

IF your on the Island on Wednesday then get down to the following places for tickets:

San Antonio:
Café Mambo from 1100
Ibiza Rocks Bar from 1100

Playa D’en Bossa:
Sands Beach Restaurant – 1000
Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel – residents only from 1000

Ibiza Town:
Base Bar from 2000

Source: Radio 1

Radio 1 Weekend Update

For the full story check out my original blog post Radio 1 weekend 2011

Radio 1 have released information about the upcoming weekend at the start of August. Originally it was planned to take place in Space but now the plans have all changed and Space will no longer be part of the Radio 1 weekend event.

Radio 1 will now be broadcasting live from Ushuaia in Playa Den Bossa followed by a 6 hour essential mix live from Come Together @ Space.

Annie Mac will kick of events at 7pm from Ushuaia followed by Pete Tong, the Ushuaia party will go on until midnight but from 11pm there will be an Essential mix broadcast from Space.

Source: Email

Swedish House Mafia @ Ushuaia 2011

Today sees the start of another Ushuaia party! The Swedish House Mafia are undoubtedly some of the most popular Dj’s on the planet at the moment!

Today they will be taking over at the Ushuaia hotel in Playa Den Bossa. If you haven’t heard of this yet then i believe you may have been hiding under a rock!!

Ushuaia is a new hotel that has been taken over by the team of people responsible for the Ushuaia beach bar which had some amazing parties before the police put an end to them early last year.

So far this season, they have Luciano doing a weekly party as well as Defected and SupermarteX.

Today see’s the opening party for the Swedish House Mafia who roll into the hotel with Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso. Now generally, i tend to prefer Size Matters nights over Swedish House Mafia nights, either way, you get to see these guys without being crammed in a very hot and stuffy club!

The event starts at 5pm and runs till midnight. Tickets cost €40 but if you get them from Ibiza Spotlight in advance they are €25 and there in lies the issue i have with Ushuaia at the moment. I’ve seen all the video’s and pictures and it does look good, however lots of people have said it doesn’t get going till around 9pm which means you are paying a lot of money and waiting a long time for people to get into it. For €40 you can get into most clubs in Ibiza and party till 8am!

Anyway, if i was going to see the Swedish House Mafia in Ibiza, i would choose Ushuaia over Pacha. I’ve never seen the Swedish House Mafia in either but the open air would always win my vote 🙂

These parties are now weekly until the 28th September.

Source: Image From Spotlight

The Ibiza ‘Sit Down’

If you have been to the island this year, you have probably seen it, if you are going this year, you will see it!

You may have noticed that at some point during the night, everyone sits down on the dance floor (apart from the spannered guy that doesn’t know what’s going on!) and then on queue, usually by the dj, they jump up and down being very happy!

It seems to be happening every ware this season, some times promoted by the Dj (im thinking Ibiza Rocks here) which is usually pap because you have been asked to do it, but a lot of the time, completely random, its something most people join in on and you can’t argue that it looks really good!

However, although this is sweeping dance floors in Ibiza this season, it’s not the first time it has happened! Its been going on for years in DC10 with Magda, the best and probably the first video i saw of it was in 2007!

Anyway, the rest of the island has caught on, the people from DC10 5 years ago that started it of will probably be hating it now its caught on!!
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Electronique In Ibiza 2011

In 2011 Manchester really seems to be pushing its own thing on Ibiza. So far Sankeys has had nothing but good reviews from what ive read and moving forward another night will be hitting the white isle.

Between the 23rd and 28th July Electronique which is run by Si Heslin will be throwing a host of parties across different venues in Ibiza. Electronique is a night born in Manchester and has had plenty of very successful nights in Sankeys Manchester and around the UK. Electronique plays deep and soulful tech house music and in a couple of weeks will be taking over Ibiza.

They kick of their tour playing the Zoo Project boat party which is generally considered one of the best boat parties to go on, they will also take on Hush, a pool party at Kanya and what must be the pinnacle of this trip for them, they will be taking over the Red Room @ Space on the 27th July which is also a Northern Lights Night which would make this an amazing night to go to.

If you want to hear what Electronique is about, you should all remember Mr Pedros who is one of their residents, who kindly did this set for the blog, You will be able to catch Mr Pedros on the 26th July @ Kanya, 27th July @ Space and 28th July @ Bunker

If you want to check out more from Electronique then on the 20th July you will be able to buy their 10 track Ibiza sampler from Beatport, which you can trust me when i say, is really good!

Electronique Dates 2011:

23rd July Electronique @ Zoo Project Boatparty & TBC

24th July IamStereo @ Hush

26th July Electronique Pool Party @ Kanya

27th July Electronique @ SPACE

28th July Electronique @ Bunker

Ibiza Diary (Coming Next Week)

This is a quick blog pre next weeks diary entries. No doubt whatever we got up to over there next week will provide some insight into the island and of course our silly raver heads but I just wanted to outline what our battle plans were so if anyone has a special interest in a place they can tune in to see what the place is like from a true consumers point of view. No DJ favortism, music mag bias, snotty journalist write up, just pure 100% how it is gonna be for YOU or rather how it was for me and my merry band of trance warriors, techno kids and minimal yeads!!

We have made a commitment to each other to have it as large as humanly possible and I promise you all that I will bring describe it to you in as much delicious detail as I (legally) can!!

The definates are Circo Loco @ DC10, Be @ Space, Cream @ Amnesia, Zoo Project. I am of course allowing for a few nights of spontaneity to see where the island takes me. I will also try to check out Sankeys and feel that I have missed out on the Fiesta del Agua in the past so will try to write up what a night at that landmark party is like.

If your interested in any of these then check out my Ibiza diary next week…

Peace, Love and Techno

One Week To Go…

Only one week to go and I can barely contain myself, this time next week we will have touched down on the white isle and begun with the fun and fiesta’s!The wait is killing me, its been a long time coming and summer can truely begin! What makes the wait even more difficult is that my girlfriend flies out on Tuesday, this week is definately going to be a long one!

The 5 of us in my party have spent the last week organising which nights we intend to go and what will be the best way to get tickets, time constraints of our flights have led us down the route of pre booking tickets before we go (a first for all of us).

We have been using Spotlight and the Spotlight app to book and I must say that the prices are good and the claims they make about being able to get in on their guestlist when we get there have proven more than persuasive. It also states that only through them can you be guaranteed entry and not just before a certain time. I will update on my return whether these claims are true or false.

Price-wise the Spotlight app is pretty competative, I have heard a number of fantastical stories about cheaper entry and guestlists left right and centre but none of any real substance. Hopefully Spotlight will come through for us and if so will have made our afternoon and early evening ticket hunting time redundant allowing for more beer and bouncy house music and that can only be a good thing!

Peace, Love and Techno