29 more sleeps…

Its just over 4 weeks now until we fly out and with the Cream opening party kicking off tonight it seems apt that I post my second blog. All those jammy mofo’s are over there now, sun going down and all there night is going to entail now is 8 or 9 hours of deep tech trickery and massive trance monsters from PVD and co!! A night of lazers, hands in the air, walls of sound, ice blasts, hugging strangers, indoor sunnies and out and out Creamy goodness!! Jealous!!

So they all get to smash it to the sounds of John O’Callaghan and I write to you from my appartment in Manchester, I may not be there in person but I am certainly there in spirit (thank god my girlfriend loves techno too). Daily texts between the lads are flowing with excitement for when we go and we are counting down the days, holiday clothes are being bought and an untold amount of sit ups are being painstakingly ploughed through! The rituals have started, podcasts downloaded to keep up on the summer bangers, calenders checked and re-checked to make sure we hit the clubs we want and catch the tunes we need,  the websites and rumour room scoured and verified to make sure we are with the cool and sexy, young and trendies! We WILL get the most out of our time!!

I really urge everyone who reads this blog and is making a pilgrimage this summer to do everything that is in your power to take one new person with you this year, I will personally buy a return flight for anyone who isnt 100% hooked after one night!

Peace, Love and Techno…




Ibiza Countdown!

Hello everyone

Summer is here!!! My name is Paul and Gary has very kindly let me write a blog on his site that I hope will appeal to Ibiza veterans and newbies alike. If you have already made a pilgrimage then I am sure at some point you have struggled to explain to your friends or people who arent quite up on the scene how special a place Ibiza is? If you havent made it there yet then I urge you to read this blog, believe the hype and have the time of your life at the centre of the universe!!!!

You cant really put your finger on it but there is something about that island and the beautiful crazies that inhabit it that is so infectious that it has us thinking about it 24 hours a day 7 days a week until that time comes back round that we can shake reality loose and be who we want to be in a sea of hedonism and music!

I am going to Ibiza again this summer on the 17th of July with a small group of friends, all white isle veterans and what I want to bring to you is first of all a countdown of what we are looking forward to, past exploits, expectations and then ultimately diary of our experiences for the 7 days we are over there, a blow by blow account of what the island has to offer!

The fact of the matter is however that you could get one hundred people writing one hundred accounts of their experiences and all will be as dazzling and as different as the last! Ibiza addicts all over the world  I hope you enjoy reading about our time on planet Ibiza and it sets you up for your summer of peace, love and music!

Much Love


We Love Ibiza Podcast – 2011 – E1

Every summer the We love crew do a wicked job of producing podcasts that make you wish you were there! The podcasts will be weekly for the summer and this week episode one is out and its the build up top the opening. There is a feature with Groove Armada who have made amazing music that always reminds me of Ibiza and the people behind We Love Ibiza.

Check out this weeks podcast in the player below.

[iframe name=”fairplayer” scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″ width=”220″ height=”220″ src=”http://official.fm/tracks/260334?fairplayer=artwork&skin=376&width=220″]

The opening of We love is this Sunday coming and the lineup is:

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Pacha Chillout Classics

One of the things i love with the summer is the release of the various albums we get. Last year, Pacha did quite well with their releases, the Pacha Pure Dance CD stayed in my car for quite a while!

This year, Pacha have started of the season with a chillout classics album, now i know what everyone is thinking, another classics album! Well this is Pacha. Its a good mix of classic chillout and ultimate classic Ibiza chillout! Only the clubs in Ibiza can catch the special vibe of the Ibiza sunset on a CD and i think this CD does it quite well. Its has 3 CD’s of music and captures everything you would expect and more from a chillout album.

I can never get tired of listening to Chillout out Groove Armada and Cafe Del Mar will never go away! Ultimately for me Smokebelch is the ultimate Ibiza sunset tune, grab a beer sit back, listen and forget about the world for a few minutes!

[iframe width=”520″ height=”326″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/PHuWN0AIMwI?rel=0″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]

GodsKitchen Boombox @ Privilege 2011

Yesterday i was excited to be writing about Gatecrasher making an appearance back in Ibiza. Today, im excited to be telling you that GodsKitchen seem to be making an appearance back in Ibiza after a loooooong and very much missed absence!

Yesterday Sander Van Doorn tweeted an picture of his billboard in Ibiza, nothing special here, however an eagle eyed spotlighter noticed if you look closely it has two dates for Privilege on the 20th and 27th July and in the bottom corner it also has GodsKitchen Boombox as one of the nights he is playing at!

GodsKitchen Boombox is a visual show that looks stunning, ive never seen it for real but Space had something similar last year for the opening party, I expect these two nights to be amazing shows and if i was in town, i would definitely be going to this.

Ive checked out the privilege website and the night is still unannounced. I have noticed this year that a lot of the Dj’s are playing multiple nights and not just sticking to one club night which is think is great, this means GodsKitchen are not as limited with the Dj’s they could be putting on.

As ive banged on about many times before GodsKitchen in Amnesia is one of the best nights ive ever had in Ibiza, if these could be a snip of what they used to be like they will still be worth it.

Source: Spotlight (cant find the relevant post at the minute)
Images: Twitter Resident Advisor Blogspot


Gatecrasher @ Privilege 2011

If there was ever a blog post i would never imagine writing, this would be it! It just goes to show you can never predict Ibiza!

For the month of August, Gatecrasher will be hosting parties in Privilege every Wednesday! Its been a long time since Gatecrasher was in Ibiza and if my mind serves me right, they held a season in Eden and Dave Pearce was the resident! It wasn’t a great successes and as a result Gatecrasher in Ibiza went very quiet. It’s no surprise though, the quality of Gatecrasher nights in the UK went from what made their name, to complete crap in a very short space of time for me.

The night in Ibiza however looks very promising and the line ups look more like Gatecrasher line-ups that gave them the name they have. Paul Oakenfold has not played much in Ibiza for many years and he will be playing 4 weeks in a row. Oakenfold currently has his residency in Vegas as well as his radio show which is quite good.

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