Noahs Ark Opening

On the 11th June the zoo project will set sail with Noahs Ark. Noahs Ark boat parties are the official boat party for The Zoo Project. It seems that every man and his dog are doing boat parties at the moment, however if i was going to go on any boat parties it would be this one.

The Zoo Project’s renowned boat party – Noah’s Ark takes you on a once in a life time experience around the mysterious island of Es Vedra, off the coast of Ibiza.

Long ago, God told Noah to gather two of each animal, one female and one male, from across the world as great floods were coming to wipe out all wickedness and sin. Noah obeyed and with the animals safe inside the ark, treacherous rain began to fall. The rain poured down for 40 days and 40 nights, resulting in the earth being flooded for one hundred and fifty days.

As the sun finally appeared, a small dove returned from its second flight and whispered into Noah?s ear telling him of a mystical white island. Hopeful, Noah set sail towards the island. As the boat got closer the animals began to feel exhilarated and started to celebrate rapturously. Behind a gigantic magnetic rock in the middle of the sea, a bright white glow appeared on the horizon, the dove was right, they had found the promised land. They christened the island ‘The White Isle’ after its distinctive glow.

On arrival to the island Noah built a place of worship in an old abandoned zoo known as Galanight. Gathering all the living creatures in the world, Noah led the animals to his safe haven. Enchanted with the Zoo and it’s surroundings the animals befittingly renamed it The Zoo Project and vowed to visit every Saturday and Wednesday and assist in keeping the parable of Noah’s Ark alive.

Im not sure what time the boat leaves at the moment but im sure the Zoo Project will be the best boat party in Ibiza this year.

What more, getting a ticket for Noahs Ark will also grant you entry into the Zoo Project that day, They will also provide your transport there!

NOAHS ARK includes |
~ 3 hrs of open air day time party experience
~ Zoo Project DJs + special guests
~ FREE food
~ limited FREE drinks
~ FREE transport to THE ZOO PROJECT
~ guaranteed entry & queue jump

Opening Party 11th June

11th June 2011 | Opening of NOAHS ARK Underground Club Boat | Official Zoo Project Pre Party Boat | with Zoo Project residents & special unannounced guests | special performance by The Minx FX

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Ushuaia Opening Party – Live

Update** New Images and DJ set download links

The opening party for Ushuaia is happening right now and you can check it out on

The advertised lineup to the opening party is

Michel Cleis
Robert Dietz
Ernesto Ferreyra

The party is on from 3pm (ibiza time), till midnight

If you want to re live the Ushuaia opening party or hear what it was like, then check out these links to the live recorded sets.

Ushuaia Opening Part 1

Ushuaia Opening Part 2

Source: Ibiza Spotlight
Images: Ibiza Sonica Facebook
Live Sets: Mixcloud

Full On Ferry @ Sankeys

Sankeys opens its doors for the first time in Ibiza tonight with Monza. At the moment, there isn’t much information about what nights will be in Sankeys, i said when i first heard about Sankeys opening that it would all depend on pulling in the Dj’s. Lots of the Dj’s that play at Sankeys in Manchester already have dates in Ibiza but today was some amazing news.

Ferry Corsten has written a blog post on Facebook revealing his new weekly night in Sankeys Ibiza! Ferry does have some nights in Cream this summer, however he will be hosting Tuesday nights with his Full On Ferry night.

On a personal note, i love Ferry Corsten, and im gutted his night doesn’t start till July. I really think this night will be amazing, ive never been to the club Sankeys have taken over, however i know how Sankeys like to work in smaller clubs and with Ferry on the decks its sure to be a hit.

My tune has changed a lot thinking about this new club in Ibiza and im sure if they get the numbers through the door Sankeys could be a little belter this summer!

Full On Ferry will run from the 12th July till the 13th September.

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Just Search Reviews

When you’re looking for some ware to stay in Ibiza it can be a stress full-time. If your like me, you book the hotel and flights separate and you can really save some cash doing it this way.

Listening to people and reading reviews can sometimes put people off because the problem with reviews, are that they are personal to an individual with pre conceived expectations. If you just search for some reviews on-line you will be returned with many review websites, is a big website which has reviews for almost every hotel / apartment / villa you can think if.

When your reading accommodation reviews, take them with a pinch of salt. There are some review websites that give the age range of the reviewer and the reason they stayed in that accommodation. If you get a really bad review remember it may be from someone expecting something completely different.

As an example, i have stayed in the Tur Palace in Playa Den Bossa before. My opinion, 5 / 10, it did a job, it was nothing special but it was clean and in a decent place. I think this is an honest review, i never expect the world when i go away and i do believe you get what you paid for. Now check out the last two reviews on holiday watchdog

Review 1 – 1 /10

i gave this a one only because there wasn’t a 0 what a [–] this was no maid for a week dirty appartement toilet etc had to buy cleaning stuff before we could unpack bed under the settee dirty reception staff useless and very abrupt we booked with alpharooms but when we got there they had no booking off them for us stay here at your peril!!!!! the only good thing was that it was on the beach.

a bad review, i know this is a genuine review, because i to have arrived and there was no record of my booking, i booked through

review 2- 10 / 10

Great hotel with view of the sea if you lucky enough, to get this room with view of the sea! Good locality, near the club Space and bus stop for free buses to night club.
It`s more for young people There is a restaurant right next door & they make the best food & are so lovely! The pool is nice & the rooms are kept clean & tidy.

A perfect score and a good review. both people believe they are correct, but they both contradict each other. I also believe the second review is genuine because they have mentioned the sea view, i don’t think someone leaving a fake review would think of this.

What you need to do is read lots and make your own judgement, pissed off people will exaggerate how bad something is, really happy people will over cook how good something is. read everything and take an average.

Ibiza Rocks Radio

I’ve not listened to Ibiza Rocks Radio for a while, and to be fair, i wast even sure if it was on out of the season, however, tonight between 6 and 7pm uk time, Ibiza Rocks Radio s broadcasting live with video! I’ve been listening to it for a while and it is a massive improvement on what ive heard in the past.

Doorly is running the show and the music is good. It seems to be completely different to what was played at Ibiza Rocks events last year i.e in the bar and the after party which was particularly poor.

I hope this is a sign of something changing for this years Ibiza Rocks. With the new nights they have planned (we are rock stars) for the Ibiza Rocks hotel in 2012 there is plenty of room to accommodate different types of music under the Ibiza Rocks umbrella 🙂

I’m not sure if this video / radio show is a regular occurrence this year but i hope it is.

Ibiza Rocks Radio / Video Show

Source: Ibiza Rocks

GodsKitchen @ Privilege 2011

Rumours have been circling for a few months about Godskitchen making a return to Ibiza in 2011 at Privilege.

Its been around 8 years since GodsKitchen threw a party in Ibiza and they went out with a bit of a whimper in my opinion, In the early 00’s  GodsKitchen was one of the strongest nights on the island. They threw their parties in Amnesia on Tuesdays and had residents such as Tiesto (before he was so well known), Picotto and Fergie in his hard trance days.

2001 is the year that sticks out for me as being the summer of GodsKitchen, They did everything right, they had the best laser system, the biggest names playing for them, they had everyone wanting to go, they even had the best designed artwork! Then i have no idea what happened, the year after they moved to Eden and booked people like Dave Pearce.

Now there are lots of conspiracy based stories that i heard about and they all involved clubbing politics (promoters making sure their top dog with help from club owners – naming no names :)). The move to Eden signalled the end to a night that in the short time it was at Amnesia became Legendary to those who remember it.

Moving back into the now, there have been various tails that they are set to return in 2011 at Privilege, there is no way on earth Cream would allow GK to try to encroach on their turf again! The first story is Wednesdays which has since been dismissed and they are expected to do some one off nights through the summer, the source of this information supposedly coming from a Dj that has been told of the plans.

If GodsKitchen are in Ibiza in 2011 i wouldn’t know what to expect, im unsure who would headline and weather Privilege is the best venue for their events. Although i would love to see GK back in Ibiza i don’t think i could bring myself to go because last time i went in Ibiza was one of the best nights of my life and i know they wont be able to top that night for me.

Source: Ibiza Spotlight