Ibiza Rocks 2011

Well the day has arrived and the line-up is now official for Ibiza Rocks 2011. There are still 7 dates that don’t have artists scheduled but the other dates have a good mix of new and predictable.

As i predicted in an earlier post, Magnetic Man and Katie B will be performing this year on August 31st which i expect to be one of the highlights of the summer, Other bands i don’t think have played are the The Wombats and the week im there The Vaccines. Another big name in the Mix that has been announced is Fat Boy Slim on the 22nd June.

I think so far though the true surprise is the 14th September when Madness will be playing at the Ibiza rocks hotel, it may be random, but again, something i think people will be talking about for a long time!!

The Lineup so far is:

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djx2 Ibiza Blog Sessions

Following on from my blog post a couple of weeks back, i would like to introduce you to another Dj i have stalked online for a long time.

Dave Jones Dj’s by the name djx2 and has been posting mixes and sets online for what now is probably 9 / 10 years. I asked him if there was a mix i could use and this weekend he kindly recorded and gave me is latest mix recorded from his set at Electronique @ Sankeys in Manchester.

First though, i asked him a few questions.

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F*** Me Im Famous @ Pacha 2011

In the last few years, David Guetta has gone from being a French house Dj, to being a household name every mother, father, grandmother and grandfather has heard of. His music makes people excited, people flock in the droves to see him wherever he plays. My experience of David Guetta was one that what you hear on the radio is similar to what he plays during his sets. He will play crowd pleaser’s for a full set. If you love his productions then head over because he will play them all, If you think he may play different to what his productions are, then save your money and go elsewhere.

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Clubland @ Eden 2011

In a move that may not bother many, Clubland has upped sticks and moved to Eden. Clubland has been a firm resident of Es Paradis for many years now though im sure i have a recollection of Clubland taking over from Ministry of sound in Eden, i may have just fabricated this though!

I’ve never been myself, but watching video’s the club always seems to be busy on a Clubland night which is good to see and although some people may ever give it the time of day, they did seem to get a lot of acts in last year.

Moving on to 2011 and they will be taking over Eden on a Tuesday night.

Check out the video below for a review of the 2010 season

7th June Opening Party
Professor Green
Friday Night Posse
Mc Domino

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We Love @ Space 2011

We love can probably be viewed as Space’s flagship event. When the clubs were allowed to open during the day, We Love was responsible for the Sundays at Space parties that became known for being open for 22 hours without closing.

In 2011, the clubs wont be open for that long but the party is still most definitely there! We Love is still one of the most popular parties on the Island and for a lot of people, still the only place to go on a Sunday. You can expect to see a range of Dj’s ranging in styles from Hot Chip doing a Dj set, to Felix Da Housecat destroying the main room, to Yousef sending everyone wild on the Sunset Terrace.

If you go to We Love you will be entitled to leave the club and get a pass out as long as you leave before 9pm, however you still have to join the regular queue to get back in. If you get to the club in a taxi, then you will be able to get a refund on the fair if you are in a group of 4 or above and you will get a refund of 50% if the taxi has 3 people in it.

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