Armada Use Ibiza Blog Sunset Wallpaper

I noticed yesterday that John O’Callaghan had a new tune being released by the Armada Label feat. Audrey Gallagher. The new track is called Bring Back The Sun.

It’s a good track and i really like John O’Callaghan, i was pretty amazed though when i found the wallpaper that can be downloaded from this website being used in the video on YouTube!!

I don’t really mind as i have made the image available to download for anyone to use as they wish. If you would like to download the wallpaper then head over to my Ibiza Sunset Wallpaper page šŸ™‚

Pacha Clothing Sale

If your anything like me, you will always make time when you’re in Ibiza to get to the shops that sells all the clubs merchandise, The things you can buy in the shops in Ibiza (pacha shop, mambo shop, space shop that big shop on the corner in PDB!!) you generally can’t really find anywhere else.

Today however i have stumbled across the Pacha online shop which currently has a sale on. is an online shop selling a range of the clothes that you can buy from the shops in Ibiza, They don’t seem to have everything but if you like the clothing range that Pacha produce then its well worth a visit.

As an update to this post, you can also buy Pacha merchandise for a really good price atĀ

Top 10 Parties @ Amnesia 2010

Amnesia has been running a vote on its facebook page for the best parties of 2010 and the results have been announced.

Amnesia is always a dead cert for a good night out when your inĀ Ibiza, and the results below have been noted as the top 10 parties last year.

Amnesia has always been my favourite club on the island and the parties listed below are a sneaky peakĀ at what you can expect! I have also posted a video of each party that iĀ have found on Youtube.

In reverse order:

10Ā Rebeka Brown @ Matinee

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