Amnesia Closing Party 1989

If you have read my blog for long enough you will know how much i love old footage / imagery of Ibiza, It doesn’t matter who you are, the more time goes on the more you think the past is better, it’s an unfortunate fact of life!! ‘The End Of Ibiza’ has been predicted almost every year over the last 12 years ive been going. The restrictions on clubs shutting at 6am many years ago signalled the end, then the change of council toughening up on licences, that was going to finish off Ibiza, then DC10 got shut and daytime parties were stopped, that was another round of people predicting the end of Ibiza, surly there is nothing left to go for eh?

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Carl Cox @ Space 2011 – 10 Years Of Revolution

In 2011, Carl Cox will celebrate 10 consecutive seasons in Space. Not many club nights manage this feat, but if anyone can do it solo, its Carl Cox.

All Carl Cox needs to do is turn up and its going to be a success, but that’s because of the 10 years work he has already put into his event at Space. Carl Cox has been quoted as saying, he can’t believe its been 10 years, and neither can i! 2001 doesn’t seem that long ago to me, however in the clubland of Ibiza it’s a lifetime!

You are always guaranteed a great night when you go to see Carl Cox but this year the line-ups and the parties are going to be the best yet, In carls own words ‘this year is going to top them all’

There are no full line-ups announced yet however the opening party and closing party date has been announced, you can guarantee Carl will be playing every week and this year the revolution will be starting on the 5th June and running through to the 20th September. Continue reading Carl Cox @ Space 2011 – 10 Years Of Revolution

José María Ramón – Winter Mix

Space have uploaded a nice little mix to soundcloud for you to get through to the end of the week 🙂

A winter mix from José María Ramón. José is the a Dj who was born in Ibiza and is the programming director for Ibiza Global Radio, as well as hosting some of the shows, what does all this mean? well it means he knows what he is doing! If your missing Ibiza this winter, then there probably isn’t anyone better to bring a little sound of Ibiza to you.

Winter – José María Ramón by Space Ibiza

Vagabundos V2.0 @ Pacha 2011

Vegabundos is a night that makes me excited, the strange part of it, is that I’ve never been to a Vegabundos night! Confused? I am a little! I’ve seen Luciano before in the UK and last year when i was out in Ibiza i saw him at Ushuaia opening and he was really good there and this is what the root of my excitement 🙂

There are nights that come and go in Ibiza and some of them are never noticed, The Vegabundos night at Pacha is one that has definitely been noticed and was one of the most spoke about nights last year. Unfortunately, last year i was there to early to get to Pacha for this night, but this year i am really hoping i get there so my excitement can turn from the unknown to the known!!

Vegabundos V2.0 is being promoted as a new production with a ‘new fierce edge’, i obviously can’t comment on what Pacha was like last year but it adds to the excitement.

Vegabundos will open this year on the May 29th,. which is a week earlier than it did last year (if i remember rightly) and i will run through till 2nd October.

There is no information on pre parties yet this year.

When a lineup is release i will update this page, if you went to Vegabundos last year, then leave a comment and tell us what you thought.

Source: Cadenza

Ibiza Rocks Opening – Offer

To celebrate the opening party of Ibiza Rocks this year, an offer is being ran for some cheap accommodation for 4 nights covering the opening night with Plan B.

If you can fly out on Monday 30th May and return on the 3rd June, then you can have  4 nights at Ibiza Rocks Hotel for only £86. This price also includes your gig tickets which would be £30 each alone. Also, when you book through the Ibiza Rocks website, you will also get a voucher for £10 off your flights if you book with Monarch.

You can check out the opening party page and the dates on this page.

Remember, your Ibiza Rocks gig ticket is exchanged for a wrist band on the night, this wrist band will also get you into Reclaim The Dancefloor if you go before 1.30am.

Top 100 Clubs 2011

Every year DJ Mag conduct a survey to establish the top 100 clubs in the world. Much like the top 100 DJ’s. Many people criticise these polls as nothing more than a popularity contest and not a list of the technically best clubs  and dj’s. However its good to see the results and even though you may not agree it does give a guide to the top clubs you can go to.

Last year, Sankeys in Manchester won the number 1 spot, which is a club im lucky enough to frequent, however is this the best club ive ever been to? No!

Last year, the highest ranking club from Ibiza was Amnesia in position 3, Pacha was number 5 and Space was in 7th.

For me personally, Amnesia is the best club on the island though i think all the clubs in Ibiza should do better this year!!

If you want to see your favourite Ibiza clubs gain higher positions, then get over to the Dj Mag poll page and fill in the form!

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Ibiza Rocks Opening 2011

****Update For the full Ibiza Rocks lineup check out my Ibiza Rocks 2011 lineup post.

Through the power of twitter (thanks @blogibiza) it can now be announced that Ibiza Rocks will be opening on the 1st June 2011 and Plan B will be headlining the opening show.

Ibiza Rocks has been growing year on year since it first started packing out Bar M on the beach, Now in its own venue (the Ibiza rocks hotel) it has become a must do for everyone on the island from celebrities to average Jo like you and me. They have also renamed Bar M to the Ibiza Rocks Diner (it will always be Bar M to me 🙂

I’m Sure 2011 will be another great year for Ibiza Rocks, Plan B had an amazing year last year as did many other artists which would fit in nicely at the hotel, (im thinking Katy B or Magnetic Man would be fresh popular faces)

Tickets for the opening are priced at £33 including booking fee and can be purchased on Ibiza Rocks