Win A VIP Trip To Head Kandi Closing

I am often asked if i will write blog posts promoting companies and various other things and generally i don’t bother, i don’t usually feel like they would be adding anything to the blog and if anything they would probably turn people away from reading the blog.

However, i think this is different and it would be really good if you won it.

Hed Kandi and Last have teamed up to offer a prize they say ‘Money Can’t Buy’. The winner and three of their friends will be flown to Ibiza for three days in a private jet and will be put up in the 5 star Insotel Fenicia Prestige Thalasso Spa.

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Channel Zoo Ibiza Presents – Deepmoves Showcase 25th August

Channel Zoo which is held on Wednesdays, is your midweek dosage from the people who bring you the Zoo Project. This week they are presenting you with a Deepmoves Showcase


Ilario alicante (deep moves)
Boris werner (deep moves)
nic & kaleb (channel zoo)
jonathan tena (channel zoo)
michael james (channel zoo)
larsen (afc sicily)
milou (channel zoo)
filix (channel zoo)
borja s (nova flow)
ruger elewan (nova flow)

percussion flo muigg
the minx fx (artistic performance)
indivisualists (live visuals)
fr4m3 (live visuals)

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Cadenza Cruise To Formentera

I’ve never been one to buy into the Cruise / party boat scene, not because iv’e heard anything bad about them, more because id rather spend my money elsewhere. However, this is a boat party i would go on!

Cadenza – Vegabundos are putting on a boat party to Formentera on the 25th August, The flyer doesn’t mention Luciano on the lineup but it will still be a really good event,

The boat has been fitted with a Funktion One sound system and will said from 1pm till 10pm which is more than long enough to take advantage of the on board bar!!

Source: Ibiza Voice Email

Carl Cox Podcast – White Ibzia

The guys over at White Ibiza yesterday released a Mix by Carl  Cox, As most people will know, Carl Cox started life in Oldham near Manchester before a very long road to become a clubbing superstar which is now part of his official title (Sir Carl – Clubbing Superster – Dj Legend – All Round Hero of Music – Cox).

I’ve not yet listened to the mix yet but im sure it is worthy of a listen, it will be pleasuring my ears tonight over a beer.

If you want a listen head over to the white Ibiza Blog Post or check out their SoundCloud page, if your interested in who has a sound cloud and who doesn’t, check out my Ibiza SoundCloud page

We Love.. Ibiza Week 9

Im a sucker for liking any images or videos of Ibiza before i first went, i love seeing pictures or video’s especially if you get to see the clubs before they all had roofs on.

This weeks installment of We Love..Ibiza has Bobby Gillespie and Mat Playford talking about their early island memories and performances from Bicep, Mat Playford and Lee Burridge.

The Wolf + Lamb Secret Beach Party

On the 26th August a secrt beach party will be held somewhere in Ibiza, I got an email through telling me about this, and to be honest, im a bit confused! The party is free and only people willing to seek the beach it is held on will be able to attend, the beach is not Playa Den Bossa! The email then ends by saying email to find out were the party is! now its either the worst kept secret, or the email will give you clues! If your on the island on the 26th then its worth checking out!

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