Luchiano @ Ushuaia – CANCELLED

Ibiza clubbing  has been through a rough time in the last few years, daytime parties cancelled, DC10 shut down, and dare i say it, nothing really exciting people on mass.

Then, last year Luchiano started playing in a nice beach bar in PDB named Ushuaia. It’s not a place i went to visit last year but over the close season it was a night that was spoken about a lot. This year i was lucky enough to be at the Ushuaia opening this year and WOW, what a party. Luchiano and Reeboot played the opening and they continued with the Sunday parties using them as a pre party for their Cadenza night at Pacha. Continue reading Luchiano @ Ushuaia – CANCELLED

Subliminal Sessions – Voodoo Nights @ Pacha 2010

It seems to be the lates craze to have a full season theme night for a club and personally i think it works really well. Last year ‘The Dark Forest’ went down a storm, this year, Subliminal are in on the full on theme, Voodoo Nights will be decending on Pacha on wednesdays with Eric Morillo and his Medicine Men.

I have already missed the opportunity to blog about the opening party as this was on the 2nd June with Steve Angelo. All reports conclude that its going to be a really good night this year. Continue reading Subliminal Sessions – Voodoo Nights @ Pacha 2010

Noahs Ark Underground Club Boat

Saturday the 12th of June sees the return of the Zoo Project Boat parties. I’ve already written a bit about them recently so ill just leave you with the press release.

Saturday 12th June 2010
Noahs Ark Underground Club Boat
Zoo Project Official Pre Party

DJ’s Jean Cedric, Michael James, Yaya
& tribal dance performance by The Minx FX

Noahs Ark is back, bigger and better. There is no more perfect way to start your Zoo experience than aboard the Ark with all the assorted wildlife. This exclusive Zoo Project pre party club boat gives you the freedom to dance around mystical island of Es Vedra while enjoying the sun, sea & underground sound of the Zoo residents & guests along with tribal dance performance. This journey takes you on wild advanture to the infamous Zoo Project. Needing no introduction really….

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The Revolution Continues – Carl Cox @ Space 2010

Carl Cox is king of the world 🙂

This year is the 9th year he has been in Space and it looks to be the best yet. Every year Carl makes sure that he is ahead of the game with the music he plays and the artists he has playing for him.

Often playing two sets, Carl Cox labels Space as the Rolls Royce of nightclubs and his enthusiasm for space, his night and the music he plays shines through with the biggest smile in dance music!

This year his nights start at on the 6th July and the doors open at 8pm. This years lineup has some great Dj’s on and after seeing a few of them already this year at the Space opening, i know they are already on fire this summer.

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Come Together @ Space 2010

Its being advertised as a night for like minded people from all over the globe to ‘Come Together’ in one place. There have been no line-ups confirmed or announced yet and the space website lists the dates and not the line-ups. I have seen the flyer for this event with a large list of Dj’s playing this summer and my initial reaction was ‘wow’. the mix of D’j’s is not something you would expect to see together but a mix of Dj’s you would like to see in one night out.

A new night for the 2010 season is Thursdays at Space with ‘Come Together’. Not a night ive heard about anywhere else, the RA website notes the promoters as Space and Safehouse Management, it could be ‘Safe’ to say it’s a new night created for Space.

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Circoloco New Era Opening Party @ DC10

48 hours ago Circo Loco arrived back in Ibiza! DC10 opened its doors at midday for what should be a full season in one of the most spoken about nights in Ibiza.

On the roundabout and road going to DC10 there was a heavy police presence with lots of cars and bikes being pulled over and searched, i know police have had a presence outside before but i’ve never seen anything like that before in Ibiza.

Arriving at the club there wasn’t any queues outside so we walked straight in. As soon as you got in it was rammed, the outside bar area was busy but manageable. We headed to the inside room first off as they wasn’t allowing people on the terrace because it was already full, The main room was also very busy but there was enough room to get into the night.

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