The Sound Of Ibiza – Online

Now the new year has started a lot of people will be thinking about their trip to Ibiza in the summer. If you have been before then you now what its all about, if you haven’t then you might not know what to expect. I have quite often met people in Ibiza who have been surprised at what the clubs and the music are like. I remember speaking to a guy one year telling me he didn’t realise it was going to be hot, he cant find a good cup of tea and he was going to ask Dave Pearce to play Baby Cakes by 3 of a kind and that would make his holiday. I told him good luck!

If you have never been to Ibiza before, then there are loads of ways you can check it all out before you go. There is always YouTube, cameras are not aloud in most of the clubs in Ibiza but there is always a nice stream of video’s to keep you entertained and by searching for a specific club night you will usually find a clip to keep you entertained. Continue reading The Sound Of Ibiza – Online

Cocoon @ Amnesia 2010

Back on the Island for the 11th season Cocoon is still one of the nights on the island that is viewed as one of the best. The following Cocoon has is massive, The nights in Ibiza are extremely popular and ive never heard one bad word against it.

One of the best things about Cocoon is the crowd. A night in Cocoon is a night with a crowd that is there because they love Cocoon and the and more so Sven Vath. Because of this, you wont find Cocoon full of  ‘chavs’ or people that are there because everybody else goes, and for a lot of clubs in Ibiza thats something they can’t boast. Continue reading Cocoon @ Amnesia 2010

Ibiza Spending Money

I can often get asked “how much spending money should i take to Ibiza” and go to all the clubs. A lot of people can go to Ibiza and be surprised that their £500 isn’t going to last them a week.

I have blogged about this in the past but it was two years ago and in that time prices and exchange rates have changed so i thought i would write an update as i found last year was a lot different to years previous.

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El Divino Closed

I’m a little behind on providing updates at the moment but some news to come out of this winter is the News that El Divino has now closed down and has changed ownership.

Last year was a really quiet year for El Divino with no major nights providing the pulling power the clubs need week in week out through the summer season. Hed Kandi were the last of the big boys to move on as they took on space.

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Opening Party Comments

I have now removed all the comments from the opening and closing party pages as some of them were getting old now and although i love people to comment i feel people coming to the pages and reading the comments may get confused if the comments were about previous years. If you have any info or comments or just want to ask a question, please feel free.

I have now changed the comment system on my website so if you want to leave a comment you can log-in using your Twitter or Facebook details if you want or if you don’t want to log-in you don’t have to.

Circo Loco Re-Opening 2010

An update on the CirclLoco at DC10 facebook page has reported that Ciroloco will be re opening  in DC10 on May 31st 2010. The update reads

Happy 2010 guys…..circoloco never dies!

31 may 2010 @ dc10 Ibiza

As you may all know DC10 has been closed after it was shut down by the authorities, last year in 2009 the club didn’t open for the summer season. It was a closure that upset a lot of people and as people say it all of the time, the shutting down of DC10 brought people to call the end of Ibiza.

Over the last few years the authorities have really been clamping down, as its not my Island, I’m not really in a position to question their decisions. its because of these restrictions that I’m a little dubious that DC10 will open again like it did in the past. As far as I’m aware nothing has changed to let them operate as they did and still operate within their licence.

I personally hope that they do get to re open and stay open, especially if they open on that date as i plan on being there at that time which means i get to go 🙂

If it does then i expect it will be one hell of a party to go to and one to remember for anyone that goes.

Source: Facebook