Space Is 20

You may have read my previous post about Space 20th Anniversary but i thought as it is only 2 days away then i would remind everybody what is going on. The lineup for the event can be found via the link to the original post but it looks like a good lineup. Space have some of the biggest parties on the island when it comes to their opening and closing parties and the lineup is like a who’s who in the Dj world.

For the 20th anniversary the lineup is different, you still have more Dj’s on offer than you can shake a stick it but it seems to be more special. The big headliners could be responsible for pulling the crowds over the years but headliners come and go, The people who have made the club it is today are the regular Dj’s that over the last 20 years have made their mark on the club and made it into what it is today.

The lineup for the 20th anniversary reflects that. The lineup is a celebration of space over the last 20 years and the people who have made it happen. Their website says their will undoubtedly be surprises, im sure there will be. Space will be the place to be on the island this Friday.