Reclaim The Dancefloor @ Eden 2009

Reclaim the dancefloor is the official after party for Ibiza Rocks! When Ibiza Rocks started it was simply peoples favourite bands playing in Bar M, Admitently Bar M was a little tight for space but at the time i don’t think anyone would have believed it would grow into something so big. The laws started clamping down a few years ago which meant it forced Ibiza Rocks into secret venues for their parties and they traveled round different locations in Ibiza and Busing people to the venue, Ibiza Rocks was evolving into something bigger! Last year saw the Ibiza Rocks hotel open in San Antonio, it provided a place to party around the Ibiza Rocks weekly events and it was also home to the Ibiza Rocks after parties. This year it seems that all the Ibiza Rocks gigs will take place in the Ibiza Rocks Hotel.

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Privilege Opening 2009

We all know Privilege as the worlds Biggest nightclub and the Ex home of Manumission but there is a lot more going on In the worlds biggest club than big nights from the past. On the 30th of May this year Privilege will be throwing open its doors for another packed season in Ibiza. This year we have the return of some of Ibiza most popular nights that attract a more international crowd in Monza and Supermartxe, Mauro picotto will be filling his boots and Robbie Rivera will be hosting his own night. Tickets for the Prililege opening parties are €20 at the moment from the Privilege ticket shop

Privilege Opening Party
Main Room
Robbie Rivera
John Acquaviva
Juanjo Martin

Coco Loco hosted by Monza
Nima Gorji
Bruno Monetverde


Source: Ibiza Spotlight Privilege

Radio 1 @ Cream @ Amnesia 2009

Radio 1 in Ibiza have always liked to change things round a little, They did at one point use the same bars but now its not often they do two years in the same venues, Over more recent years they have done Gala Nights, had a marathon broadcast from space, The windmill at Punta es Moli, The brand new Ibiza Rocks Hotel was last year and this year it is believed that they will be back at punta Es moli. One thing that has stayed (almost) constant throughout and you can always guarantee is a live broadcast from Cream! This year it seems the cream party will be broadcast live again on Saturday August 1st. Over on Ibiza Spotlight a thread has been started listing a few of the Dj’s who have confirmations on their myspace page. Still there is no official word from Radio 1 but im sure they will have some special guests. in the past they have had some of the biggest names in dance music and Ibiza. Paul Oakenfold played there a few times though he took a little criticism for his song choice and mixing, as well as the likes of Carl Cox, Laurent Garnier, Eric Morillo, Sasha… The list goes on. One thing the BBC do have is the ability to get anybody they want to come and play for them.

In 2009 i would expect the more to be made from the Amnesia’s second room that as i have mentioned probably to many times seems to be becoming a main room in its own right!

I think we will see a mix of music spread over the two rooms with each room having its own special guests. When the lineup is announced i will update this post, until then we have

Radio 1 @ Cream
Pete Tong
Annie Mac
2 Many Dj’s

Source: Ibiza Spotlight