DC10 Loses Appeal

As i mentioned earlier this week there have been lots of rumour about DC10 opening this Monday June 1st. I have always been sceptical about the club reopening because no matter how much people wanted it to the club knowingly broke the rules. Now DC10 have been told in court that the club will remain closed fo the duration of the ban. The Tribunal Superior de Justicia de Balears re affirmed that the reason the club was closed was because they were operating a nightclub with a café-concierto licence which only aloud a capacity of 65 people.

I do feel very sorry for the owners of DC10 as the club has been operating for 10 years now. The club became a victim of its own success (the amount of people going there every Monday) and the enforcement of licenses up to a few years ago. Up until a few years ago a lot of premises had been aloud to operate outside of their licence without any bother. There was then a change in the people who run Ibiza which resulted in the clamp down on premises breaking the terms of its licence. Over the last few years there have been countless stories of bars being closed down for breaking its licence. Bora Bora was the first big name victim which resulted in DJ Gee upping sticks and leaving for Brazil. Kanya in San antonio got closed for a short while and Ibiza Rocks went through a tough time trying to put live bands on in Bar M

The DC10 saga simply boils down to the fact that if they are let of and aloud to open again then the authorities will have just gone against everything they have been doing for the last 2/3 years and they cant do that. Many people see the situation as DC10 being picked on but if you take a step back DC10 are the place that are continuously and knowingly breaking the law when everybody else has fallen into line, this is probably because they had the most to loose.

Source: Ibiza-Voice

Pure Pacha 2009

Pure Pacha as you might be able to tell is in Pacha in Ibiza town! Friday nights have always been a big night for Pacha, Fridays used to belong to Ministry Of Sound before it turned into a clubland cheese-fest. When i started going to Ibiza i remember Ministry being a massive night that everyone wanted to go to. Ministry left Pacha quite a few years ago now and into the big gap it left stepped up Pure Pacha. Ove the last few years it has grown from strength to strength Pete tong has been at the helm until last year when he moved his night to Eden. I dont think this has knocked Pure Pacha to much though, last year had nothing but positive comments and reviews and if anything Pete Tong leaving meant they booked better lineups to fill the void. Continue reading Pure Pacha 2009

Hed Kandi @ Space 2009

Everything was set, Eden had attracted another big name from the other side of the island and it was all looking rosy, Now it seems that Hed Kandi have made a last minute switch back to the other side of the island and they will not have their 2009 season in Space.

In a news letter i have read on the Ibiza Spotlight forums it says that Had Kandi needed more space, the addition of a Nu Disco room just meant that the back room at Eden didn’t provide what they wanted to achieve this summer. 

The decision to move has been amicable and on good terms. Either way it is still a bit of a blow for Eden however i do think Had Kandi will do really well over at space, The music policy they have attracts a lot of people and to have that gathering in the surroundings of space means that this season will probably be one of the best seasons for Hed Kandi.

Source: Hed Kandi Ibiza Spotlight

BoHo 2009

BoHo is an exciting new night that is starting this year in San Antonio on May 30th. It can be found underneath the Picies Park Hotel on the Egg and it has the potential to be one of the most talked about clubs this year.

I dont think i have seen a club in Ibiza have so much exposure before it has even had its first night but with the people in charge and the nights it has lined up then there is no reason why it shouldn’t. Continue reading BoHo 2009

DC10 – Circo Loco – Ibiza 2009

There are some things that never go away, Things like Oxygen, The Sun and the Moon, People who love to predict the end and the downfall of Ibiza!! Also on that list is the rumour and Gossip surrounding DC10 / Circo Loco in Ibiza!! 

For those of you that don’t know; towards the end of last year DC10 got shut down by the authorities in Ibiza and were ordered to close for 12 months, If you want to catch up you can read my posts DC10 Shut Down For 57 DaysAnother blow For DC10 and DC10 Closed YET AGAIN.

Continue reading DC10 – Circo Loco – Ibiza 2009

Ibiza Rocks Completes Lineup

Ibiza Rocks has released the remaining for dates for Ibiza Rocks 2009, Well not all of them as their are still two dates 7th and 14th July that have not been announced but their are some great names been added to the Bill.

The opening Party will see the Ting Tings performing live, Im personally a little disappointed with this because im going to the opening party and out of all the acts this year this is probably one i wouldn’t have picked to go and see.

Groove Armada have been added to the bill to play in July, Im sure this will be an amazing night to go to, the blurb from Ibiza rocks with the announcement says

“The party-starting maestros play their first show on the white island. We have a feeling it won’t be the last.”

Sounds like they already know of another show Groove Armada will be doing this year. One off Manumission Party? Radio one weekend? who knows!

Soulwax and Friendly Fires have also been booked to perform. If you want to see the lineup in full then check out my post Ibiza Rocks 2009 Lineup

Source: Facebook

Hed Kandi 2009 Lineup

I have mentioned a couple of times on here now about Hed Kandi and their move to Eden. It should be a busy year this year for Hed Kandi and a very different year in terms of location and what crowd this will attract. Eden has always been more UK orientated with the Ibiza Snob brigade always looking down upon it for not being good enough for them! Pete Tong started the change last year by moving from his very attractive night at Pacha to set up his own night in Eden, Hed Kandi have now followed suit and upped sticks from their harbour side location that is El Divino and now they too are hoping to change the minds of many by holding their night in Eden.

Ive never been to Hed Kandi and i don’t plan to so for me i don’t really care were it is or who is going, im sure lots of people do and I’m sure lots of people will be turning up at Eden every week.

For the full lineup please see my previous post Hed Kandi @ Eden 2009