Pacha Lineup 2009

Pacha have confirmed who will be hosting parties this year in one of the most popular and famous clubs in Ibiza. Many of you may already know that Pacha does not close for the winter but they do start their ‘seasonal’ parties at the same time as most clubs have their opening parties.

In the past Pacha has hosted nights such as Ministry Of Sound which was the hottest ticket on the island as well as a less Successful Perfecto night with paul Oakenfold. Pete Tong left Pacha last year to set up his own night that would rival Pure Pacha on Friday nights and this year Roger Sanchez has moved over to the Terrace at Amnesia. Is this a sign that Pacha is loosing its edge? is becomeing less attractive to the main players? NO CHANCE!!!

Pace in 2009 will host what i think will be the best night on the island with The Swedish House Mafia. Erick Morillo continues with his subliminal ni9ghts as do Defected with theirs and F*** Me Im famous, Retro is in one of the rooms and Pacha Classics continues with Paul Taylor at the helm. If anything 2009 could be an amazing year for Pacha and if you love House music then im sure you will be paying Pacha a visit.

Mondays: Swedish House Mafia
Tuesdays: Flamingo Nights (Fedde Le grand)
Wednesdays: Subliminal Sessions
Thursdays: F*** Me Im Famous
Fridays: Pure Pacha
Saturdays: Defected In The House
Sundays: Pacha Classics

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Judgement Sundays 2009 – Lineup

Judgement Sundays this year will be celbrating its 10 year anniversary in Ibiza, Ove this time Dj’s such as Tiesto, AVB, Ferry Corstan and Eddie Halliewll all played their first sets in Ibiza at Judgement Sundays. Judgement Sundays have now revealed their full lineups for Ibiza 2009. Its opening on June 7th 2009 and its good to see Yoji on the lineup for the 16th August purley because its one i predicted in an earlier post! (not that it was rocket science or anything!)

The lineup for Judgement Sundays 2009 surly has a night that would suit most people, as well as a host of ‘An Evening With’ events which will take place in the back room with two of Judgement Sundays favourite Dj’s Micky Slim and Krafty Kuts. Its good to see Utah Saints on the lineup as well as Roger Shah and LMP Dj’s who i managed to catch on the BBC introducing bus at Creamfields last year and they rocked the place!

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Confirmed Eden Lineup 2009

Eden have confirmed which nights will be held in Eden in 2009 and it looks like one of the strongest weekly lineups they have had for a long time. The main notable addition is Hed Kandi which has moved across the island and now resides on Saturdays in Eden. Pete Tong is still there on Fridays after a very successful 2008 season. Mondays has a new night not many people have mentioned with Inside Out.

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Interview with John :

There are quite a lot of websites around all about Ibiza, some are run by people who live there and some like this one and are run by people who live in the UK. Just like Ibiza Blog; is a website about Ibiza from more of a Tourist point of view. offers a community (which i have joined) and it also features interviews with Dj’s and their mixes which people can go and download. I always spend the time to go over to and if you join the community it wont be long till people want to be your friend and get chatting.

I recently did an interview for John who Runs and to return the favour and get to know him a little better john has agreed to be interviewed by me.

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Defected @ Pacha 2009

Defected this year a partying hard on Saturdays in Pacha between the 30th May (the day before the space opening) and September 26th 2009. Defected are becoming part of the old firm in Ibiza, consistently throwing parties people want to go to. 2009 will see six residents playing over the summer including Junior Jack and Kid Crème, The Shapeshifters, ATFC, Copyright, David Penn and Simon Dunmore.

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Space 20th Anniversary

In 2009 Space will celebrate its 20th anniversary, Space is well known for having some of the best parties of the year in the form of its opening and closing parties, People will book their holidays to Ibiza so that they make sure they are there for the opening and those that can will also make sure they are at the closing party as well. Some people will say that the space opening and closing parties are the only parties worth going to (i strongly disagree with this!!!!).

On the 14th August 2009 space will be adding another date to the unmissable calendar that space provides. Tickets are already available for this party priced at €45 but if any party in Ibiza will sell out this year it will be this one!!

Space have promised lots of surprises for this party and im sure the lineup will be amazing. There have been many many Dj’s play at Space from its birth and this party is set to be a celebration of that. They have promised the cream of today’s crop as well as the names that have made Space the club that it is over the last 20 years.

Personally i would love to go to this party myself as it will be very special, Id be lying if i said i wasn’t gutted i could go.

Booka Shade
Camilo Franco
Christian Burkhardt (Live)
David Moreno
Dj Gorge
Djuma Soundsystem (Live)
Elio Riso
Issie Nixon
Jamie Jones
Jonathan Tena
Jose Maria Ramón
Jose Padilla
Michel Cleis
Milly De Mori
Minimono (Live)
Oriol Calvo
Oscar Cano
Oscar Colorado
Paco Fernandez (Live Show)
Paul Darey
Paul Nazca
Pikaya (Live)
Ramón Castells
Ray Okpara
Stefano Fontana
System Of Survival
Tolga Fidan (Live)

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