Flights Page Update

Ive updated my Ibiza Flights page now so ive given a rough guide as to how much flights are costing this year using two of the big flights websites. I personally think that some of the prices are way to high on especially from places like Leeds Bradford aiport, however there are some flights available from £80 return which is a good price.

Ive given these prices as a guide though they ar all correct when i posted them. If you shop about im sure you will be able to find some good prices for this years trip 🙂

Judgement Sundays Website

I could be telling you yesterdays news here but i have discovered that Judge Jules and Judgement Sundays have launched a new site dedicated to the popular Sunday night in Eden. will host photo’s video’s and a forum dedicated to Judgement Sundays. It will provide you with information about the latest Judgement Sundays CD’s and most important of all the club dates for Ibiza. There are already club dates available on the site but they are for the 2008 season. As i believe it the website was launched in December so these listings will be changing for the 2009 season.

Finally you can also subscribe to the news letter were they will release the listings first.


Radio 1 Weekend 2009

******************FULL LINEUP**************

Before you get excited there is currently no confirmed news about Radio 1 weekend 2009. I have started this post because i can see a lot of people are coming on the site looking for information about Radio weekend and emailing me about it. Ill answer any emails though currently there is no information available. As soon as it is then i will be posting it here.

In an Email recieved by a forum member on Ibiza Spotlight Judge Jules has confirmed that radio 1 weekend in 2009 will take place the 1st and 2nd of August. This however has not been announced on the radio 1 website yet but its the closest news we have had yet of the date of the weekend.


Ive listed this as an update after a comment you can read below, There are a couple of websites identifying the 2009 location for the radio 1 weekend. According to Virgin and British Airways websites the radio 1 weekend will be held at
Sa Punta de Moli. Still no official word on this tough im sure radio 1 will be making an announcement soon if this information is available.Keep checking back for updates.

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Release Yourself @ Amnesia 2009

Its been announced that in 2009 The S Man is upping sticks and moving his night down the road to Amnesia. Since Roger started his night Pacha has been his home, Release Yourself at Pacha has been a really busy and successfull night but Roger has decided to shake things up for 2009 by having a change of scenery.

He is sharing the stage with Armin Van Burren on Tuesdays. Roger will host the terrace and Armin will take hold in the main room. Roger wanted to “up the anti” with his night in Ibiza and by moving it to the Terrace in Amnesia he is taking on a bigger room which will no doubt come with bigger expectations.

Release yourself will open on the 30th June 2009 with the pre parties being held at Mambo’s were Roger will be doing the pre party himself as he always does.

June 30 – Opening Party
Roger Sanchez
Tom Stephan

July 7
Roger Sanchez
Laidback Luke

July 14
Roger Sanchez

July 21
Roger Sanchez

July 28
Roger Sanchez
Tom Stephan

August 4
Roger Sanchez

August 11
Roger Sanchez
Laidback Luke

August 18
Roger Sanchez

August 25
Roger Sanchez

September 1
Roger Sanchez
Tom Stephan

September 8
Roger Sanchez

September 15 – ClosingParty
Roger Sanchez

Source: Roger Sanchez ibiza spotlight

The Zoo Project 2009

I know a lot of people come on here looking for information about the Zoo Project and i can tell you that the Zoo project will open its doors on May 30th 2009 for its opening party at Gala Nights in San Antonio. The info has been found on a couple of DJ Myspace pages and it was brought to light on the Spotlight forum as does a lot of information. 

May 30th is the day before the Space opening party at the very start of the season. This means that The Zoo Project will be in for one long summer which im sure will please a lot of people. The date of this opening party is well planned to me. Its the end of the International Music Conference which is held in Ibiza and its the day before the Space opening party which means there will be plenty of fresh faces around ready to kick of the summer in style. 

I will endevour to find out more but for the mean time we have a lineup off:

May 30th – Opening Party
Jonathan Tena
Ima Gorji

***NOTE This Party May Be Invite Only And Not Be The Official Opening. I Am Currently Looking Into This***

Source: Ibiza SPotlight Myspace Myspace

Subliminal Sessions @ Pacha 2009

Eric Morillo will be back at Pacha in 2009 according to his myspace on June 3rd. His opening party is only 3 days after the opening of Space which makes it a good possibility that he will be at the space opening as well though that’s not down as a date in his diary just yet.

In 2008 Subliminal had its closing party on September 24th, If he closes the same week this year then it will be on September 23rd which makes it a 17 week Season for the Subliminal guys and potentially 17 dates for Eric to take NYC to Ibiza!

Source: Myspace