RyanAir Are Not Playing Ball

It was brought to my attention in an earlier post about Ryanair flying to Ibiza throughout the winter. However it seems they have upset The people and the Balearic Government by not applying residents discount on internal spanish flights.

Ryanair fly between Ibiza and mainland of Spain and its a little known fact that if you are a resident then you get discount flights. However Ryanair have not bothered giving discounts which has landed them in a bit of a situation. Other airlines have made complaints about this because they all do give the discounts and now one councillor has called for Ryanair to loose its licence to be able to operate in Spanish airports.

Ryanair have obviously seen what they see as a gap in the market as with the current financial situation they wouldn’t be expanding if they didn’t think they would make money out of it. Residents discounts will have been something they have always been aware of and i think its very cheeky to barge in and do what they have done. Lets hope they sort it out so people can have a direct winter flight and the residents are not hard done by!

Source: The Ibiza Sun

Circo Loco NYE

There isnt much going on at the moment to report about and ive not heard to much about whats happening on NYE in Ibiza. However If you are spending NYE in the UK then there is a little part of Ibiza coming to us.

On NYE Circo Loco will be at Sankeys in Manchester. Circo Loco have been here before and by all accounts it was a very special night!

Also on NYE your Ticket will also give you access to Spektrum, the nightclub next to Sankeys which is generally kept seperate so you get two clubs for the price of one!


David Squillace
Clive Henry
Jose Da Vina
Greg Vickers
Thomas Melchior
Mistress De Funk
Rosie Romero
Pickled Beats

Source: Sankeys

Ibiza Rocks Hotel 2009

It wasn’t even 12 month ago when we all first heard the news about The people behind Ibiza Rocks and Manumission opening a new hotel in San Antonio, Ill be the first to admit i had my doubts when i first found out about it (initial thoughts were that it was a twenties hotel) However how wrong was I! Ibiza Rocks hotel had an amazing first year by all accounts with Radio 1 taking over for the weekend, i was only lucky enough to keep track online but nobody could deny it all fit together like and and glove.

I’m sure this year was only the warm up, Next year i expect to be even better. Nice whats the point of this i hear you say! Well because last year was such a success I’m sure plenty of people would love to go again next year, The people who run the Facebook profile for Ibiza Rocks Hotel are now saying that the rooms for 2009 are selling out quick!

Ive heard myself many people booking repeat visits to the hotel as soon as they got back so if you want to check it out i would make a move sooner rather than later.

According to the website if you book your holiday before December 31st then you can get rooms for as little as £10 per person per night which means providing there are no hidden costs its £140 for the fortnight before flights and transfer. New to 2009 is the ability to book rooms with a  Pool view so you get to see the bands from your balcony!

Defected@Pacha One Off

Defected have a date listed on their website for Ibiza 2009. Its for Saturday 2nd May 2009 at Pacha. The date is approximately a month before the 2009 season will be starting so it will be a good little start to the season for the people on the island at that time. The DJ down to be playing for the night is Simon Dunmore. Ill post more information when i find out though its a long way off yet!

A Small Change To The Site

As you can see i have made a few little changes to my website, As part of these changes i have decided to “Follow” the links in the comments. I have made this desicion to try and encourage more people to post their comments and thoughts on the things i speak about. If you dont know what im talking aboutnever mind it dosent matter, if you do know what im talking about then please come and comment and link to your sites.

Thats enough of the Geeky stuff, Ibiza only from now on!!

Cocoon Ibiza 2009

Its the first confirmed date of next year and they promise to make next year better than this year, Cocoon will be back on Mondays at Amnesia in 2009 and their parties will be running from June 15th through till their closing party on September 28th.

Cocoon will be in its 10th year in Ibiza in 2009 and in that time they have built a night that is one of the most spoken about and it has a following of dedicated lovers of Sven Vath and everything that surrounds Cocoon. 2007 saw them throwing after parties which became as infamous as the nights themselves, 2008 saw the introduction of the after hours ban and a crackdown on Villa parties. Cocoon still gave it a crack though personally i didn’t hear as much about them.

I’m sure 2009 will bring another amazing season and with it being their 10 year anniversary i would also expect to see something special at some point. These dates have been confirmed by Cocoon on their website though with it still being 2008 you never know what might happen between now and the opening party.

Source: cocoon.net

Ibiza NYE 2008

So the summer season is finished and winter is well and truly here, How about nipping back for a couple of days? Sound good? Well you can. Pukka up are organising trips to Ibiza for NYE this year and they are flying direct from Manchester and Stansted. You can choose from 4 star or 5 star accommodation. Prices are £399 and £599. For this you get flights to Ibiza with airport transfers, You get admission to to Pacha on new years eve. You also get admission to the secret Pukka Up after party and a goody bag!

Pukka up say they are the only people doing direct flights from the UK to Ibiza this New year. They are selling 115 tickets to boys and the same to girls.

Sounds to me like it would be a good chance to get over to Ibiza during the Off season, however last year i believe the flights got cancelled a couple of days before New Year so try and sound it out before you go and book.

Source: Pukka Up NYE