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  • Sep 26

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  • Sep 18

    Space have there closing party this year on the 5th October and as you would expect they have  monumental lineup of Dj’s on offer, Space closing is along with the opening one of the biggest events on the island, peope from far and wide will be gathering in space to see out the summer, the lineup is as follows:

    Danny Tenaglia
    Wally López
    Elio Riso
    Steve Lawler
    David Guetta
    John Digweed
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  • Sep 16

    Space closes its doors on the 5th October, here is the poster.

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  • New Space Website

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    Sep 16

    Space has launced its brand new website, Its been a while in the making as it has been in construction all summer, However its a great site, it gives you a tour of the club and thats the main big feature of the site.  You need a decent braodband connection to view it  mind as its very flash intence but it looks good, you can also do what you would expect and buy tickets and they have a store however this just goes to the ticket page at the moment.

    Why not take a look for yourself www.space-ibiza.es

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  • Sep 12

    The seasons not over yet but there is a bit of gossip going on about next year already… Dont you just love it!

    Firstly, the Sweedish House Mafia are wanting to hold a night at Pacha next year, If they are anything like they were at Creamfields this year then this night will be straight out of the top drawer.

    The last roumour, which is probably the biggest suprise is that Subliminal are looking to move away from Pacha! Change of scenery, fallout who knows. i will keep my eye out for this as Amnesia is roumoured to be its new home.

    As with any roumours this early its hard to say. Things in Ibiza can happen in a second, Personally it i would see it being odd having Subliminal at Amnesia, not that i wouldnt like to see it. I could see it being on the Terrace and with the new terrace they put in this year maybee thats the new main room? I wouldnt be suprised if the terrace was now used as the main room and the “inside” as the second room.

    As ive said, who knows, ill be keeping my ar to the ground in anticipation!

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  • Sep 12

    Carl Cox has packed his bags for the summer but that dosent mean space is now closed on a Tuesday. For the next two weeks they have two wicked lineups for Tuesdays at space! Chris liebing entertains us with Spinclub, Ive not been to spinclub myself but I have seen Chris Liebing at Meganite and if its anything like what he played there then its going to knock your socks off! The second Tuesday has been given to Laurent Garnier. lineup is as follows:

    Tuesday September 16

    Chris Liebing
    Radio Slave
    Benny Rodriguez
    James Kameran

    Elio riso

    Tuesday September 23
    safehouse management presents: Laurent Garnier

    Laurent Garnier
    Scan x (live)

    Laurent Garnier (second set)
    Jon Rundell

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  • Sep 10

    Note the “12 Hours Non Stop” Claim!!

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