Space Opening 2008 Sets

Here i have some links so you can download some of the sets from the Space Opening Party. I will continue to look for sets throughout the summer 🙂

Yousef – Rapidshare
Wally Lopez – Rapidshare
Fatboy Slim – Mega Upload
Steve Lawler- Rapidshare
Deep Dish – Mega Upload
Groove Armada – Mega Upload
Sunset Terrace Jonathan Ulysses/Tom Novy + part from Premier EtageMega Upload
Rest from Tom NovyMega Upload
Pete TongMega Upload
Sasha – Rapidshare

Source: Ibiza Spotlight

Accomodation Update

I have updated my Ibiza Accomodation section of the site so that it has updated information. All the prices i have listed are a guide only and were correct when i wrote them, All the accomodation listed is still avaliable so if you haven’t sorted your accommodation out yet this year then here is an idea of what is left and how much it costs.

If you want to do it a bit cheaper i would recommend going for the closing parties around the end of September or even October for the space closing party

And were off!!

We can now officially announce the 2008 Ibiza season OPEN!!

last weekend saw the first parties of the summer hit Ibiza, it was a little rainy for some people but that didnt dampen the spirits of anybody, Bora Bora opened, The enemy played the first day of Ibiza Rocks hotel Picotto opened privelage and i heard a roumour there was a gathering at space!

If you go to ibiza this year or if you have already been and would like me to publish a review then please email me your review and i will post it for you, i am hoping that by the end of the season we have a great section people can look back on and remember whats set to be a great summer.

If you have pictures or photo’s to go with your review then feel free to send me them and i will use them as well.

email me at