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  • Jun 30

    Now im not sure if this is every week but i hope it is! accordning to the program guide for www.ibizasonica.com there is a live broadcast from the We love parties at space every sunday between 20:00 and 00:00, that 8pm till midnight Spanish time.

    Also they have a radio show cocoon Radio that is down between 19:00 and 20:00 on Mondays.

  • Jun 27

    Ive found this video from recently of David Guetta Dj’ing on a plane from Paris, Ive posted this blind so Ive not listened to it as i have no sound at this moment, i am aware its french though before anyone points it out!! I’mhostess raving in the corner!! loving the air hostess raving in the corner!

  • Goa@Space

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    Jun 22

    Who would have said 14 years ago in a club of no more than 500 people and with a non common timetable that the interest of the audience for a new stile of electronic, small at that moment and avoiding commerciality, today would congregate thousands of people from all of Europe.


    In November 94 opened his doors in Madrids Gran Via a small club with the intention of steaming up the mornings of the insomniac capital of Spain. In a short period of time what it started as a “friends club” become a cult club for lovers of the vanguard music.

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  • Jun 20

    The 60 day closure order that was given to DC10 last season has risen again and because DC10 only shut for 2 days last season then they must now close for the remainder of the closure order.

    DC10 attracts 1000’s of people every year to the island and they also have companies chartering flights to get out there for new year. DC10 has been open all winter doing parties and event organisers are gutted that the authorities have now decided to enforce this now.

    looking at it from the authorities point of view they have obviously gone for maximum impact, they aloud the club to open and now they are shutting it down. 2 months of the summer season is almost all of it so if you want to get there this year you will have to start planning for September.

    DC is not the only club though, a source close to Amnesia have revealed that they also fear another closing order as happened last year amnesia was forced to close during the summer because of laws that were broken in earlier years!

    If it stays shut for the whole duration we will have to wait and see, last year they didn’t close for the whole order so maybe they will have a work around.

    Its obviously devastating news for people going to the island in the next 60 days but wait and see, maybe Circo Loco will find a temporary home but im sure for the people that love it DC10 is the only home in Ibiza

    Source: Ibiza – Voice

  • Jun 19

    You might have already noticed from my previous post showing the line-ups for We love for the rest of the year but if you didn’t then on the 10th of August Space will be celebrating there 19th year of partying! To celebrate this occasion they have lined up a very special guest to play the discoteca arena and i can reveal for you guys that the Chemical Brothers will be performing a DJ set!

    to see the rest of the lineup check out the image below and replace Special guest with CHEMICAL BROTHERS!

    Source: RA

  • Jun 18

    Nostrum has been busy clubbing again (not that im gealous one bit!!!!!) in the best clubs in the world. Here are his reviews on his last three ventures into clubland!

    We Love Opening

    I arrived at around 10pm and directly headed to the sunset terrace to enjoy the last two hours on this floor. After only a minute, I already dropped into friends who told me the terrace didn’t really get into swing until 7pm, but when I arrived, the atmosphere on the terrace was exactly how I knew it from earlier years and how it basically just should be! Tom Novy had just taken over the decks after Jason Bye (and before him it had been Jonathan Ulysses who apparently was really really good). Novy played a solid set with some new stuff (from which I don’t know all the names yet, I’m sorry…) as well as some new remixes from Robert Miles’ “Children”, Snap’s “Rhythm is a dancer”, a new housey/electro-ey remix from an old trance track I can’t name right now. (went properly off on the terrace!) as well as Oxia’s “Domino” and he closed with a house remix of “Love is in the air”. These two hours went by flying and I really had a great time! The vibe…the people (hi Babs and Tom, hi Austrian gang, hi everyone else!)…it’s just good to have the sunset terrace sessions back!!!

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  • Jun 18

    The Zoo project will be hosting its grand opening at Galanight this Saturday 21st June. The opening party will feature Jamie Jones which they are billing as the most exciting techno DJ of 2008 off the back of his sets at DC10. Also playing along side will be Jonathan Tena who also plays La Comunidad and is responsible for Ibiza’s underground movement.

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