Tidy In Ibiza

Tidy are organising a 5 day onslaught of Ibiza with boat parties, pool party, parties in a zoo (its not really a zoo!) and they have teamed up with Storm for a special night in Eden. As soon as i see a lineup ill post it here so bookmark the post. So far the 5 days are planned out like this:

15th June – party in Zoo then Kanya
16th June – Summum
17th June – Eden
18th June – Es Paradis
19th June – sunset cruise

Source: Tidy Ibiza Spotlight

Garlands @ Eden 2008

Garlands is back this year on Wednesday’s in eden, The party that became big in Ibiza through its free workers parties at Kanya are running the theme this year of Garlands Angels (Punk, Gothic, Porno, Nurse, Army). This year the Funky room of eden will be hosted by Hacienda Classics including Justin Robinson, Graeme Park and Dave Seaman.

The opening paty will be held on the 11th June and it will close on the 24th September.

June 11th – Opening Party
Les Calvert
Dave Booth
Carl Ralph
Ant Ashcroft
Sean Hughes
Graeme Park
Alex Ellenger

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No More Villa Parties

It seems just lately that there are an endless amount of restrictions being put in place in Ibiza and this restriction is directly related to the laws changing for the opening times of the clubs on the island.

The latest restrictions relate to Villa parties. Villa parties have always happened but in the last few years the numbers have increased. Some of the parties in Ibiza have Villa parties that are invite only but if you are in the right place at the right time you could get an invite, These partie’s always play load music and have become organised ticket events that even supply car parking.

The council have made moves to try and halt this as they expect the amount of Villa parties would only rise after a ban on after hour clubs opening. One step they are taking is to Fine event organisers and they will olso fine the owner of the villa for letting the parties go ahead.

The councill admit that its a tough area because they are private parties but they are looking for loopholes in the current law which means they can stop them happening.

Source: The Ibiza Sun

Ibiza Club Opening Times Decided

This saga has been rumbling on for a long time now and as with anything there has been that much said about it it has not been clear as to what exactly is happening, Yesterday the council of San Jose Ibiza made the decision on when the clubs will open. The council of San Jose covers Space and DC10 but it is expected that all the other councils in Ibiza will follow suit to make the opening times the same all over the island.

This means that the clubs in Ibiza are now restricted to opening times between 4.30pm and 6am

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