Hay people, it seems like its been ages since ive actually posted any news on the site but dont be fooled! The new posts have dried up a little the last week or so but i have been busy updateing lineups throuout the blog. There are to many parties to list them all in this post but i have been updating some posts as full lineups have now been released for a few nights. we now have full listings for Cocoon, Meganite and Defected, There have been many many more updates to the lineups but these are the full lineups so far.

If you are intrested take a look through the site for your favourite night and see what listings there are so far.

Travel Insurance

A crucial part of organising your holiday has got to be your travel insurance. It sounds like a bore and it is but its important as if it goes tits up on your holiday then you dont want to be left with £100,000’s bill at the end. You should always make sure you have an or EHIC – the replacement for the E111. This will entitle you to reduced-cost, sometimes free medical treatment if it is needed on your holiday. I wouldnt however not bother with insurance because you have one of these cards, they only entitle you to the standard state medical care and not everything will be free or cheap like it is on the NHS. You may still be required to make contributions to any medical fees encoured.

If you have travel insurance then this will entitle you to private medical care in the country you are in. I dont know about you but i needed the hospital in a foreign country i would want to be looked at  by a private doctor. Travel insurance may put a little extra on the cost of your holiday but it can put your mind at rest as it often not only covers you for medical expenses but will also cover lost luggage and if you get anything stolen while you are over there.

Ibiza Rocks 2008 – Lineups

Here is the line-up for Ibiza Rocks this year, contrary to what was first thought the Ibiza Rocks Hotel is not the venue for the Ibiza Rocks nights. The nights are being held in secret locations all over the island this summer. this is not the complete line-up as you can tell by the time apart from some of the parties but the line-up is as follows:

May 31st – Hotel Opening Party
The Enemy

June 17th – Opening Party
A Secret Location
The Pigeon Detectives

July 1st
A Secret Location

July 8th
A Secret Location
The Fratellies

July 22nd
A Secret Location

We are Scientists

August 12th
A Secret Location

Reverand and The Makers

September 9th
A Secret Location


September 26th
A Secret Location


If you are interested in flying over for any of these parties then head over to the ibiza rocks website for package deals and more info.

Source: Ibiza Rocks

In Search of Sunrise @ Privilege 2008

Tiesto has announced his plans for Ibiza 2008 and his night will be called In Search Of Sunrise after his series albums. Tiesto will play a 4 hour set at privilege every Monday from 7th July till the 22nd of September.

To accomodate what could be the most talked about night in Ibiza privilege has made some changes. they have re designed and customised the Dj booth as well as installing a state of the art LED back wall (probably were the stage used to be for manumission).

Tiesto will invite some hand picked guests to perform at the worlds largest nightclub including chris lake, cosmic gate and sander van doorn. The backroom for tiestos night will be hosted by Riley and Durant in association with Galaxy.

Some of the guests are still to be confirmed but the lineup looks something like this:

July 7th – Opening Party
Tiesto – 6 hour set
Riley & Durant

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Clubland @ Es Paradis 2008

The people behind those annoying CD’s are set to hit Ibiza this summer on Tuesdays at Es Paradis and they promise its going to be one hell of a party. The opening party will be on the 24th June and it is set to run through till the 9th September. They will have on show stars, live acts and Mc’s from the Uk. You can expect people on show such as Flip & Fill, Kelly Llorrenna, Breeze & Styles, N-Trance, Ultrabeat and the Friday Night Posse. If you think you can put yourself through that this summer here is the lineup  😉

June 24th – Opening Party
Flip & Fill
PZ Tellet
Kelly Llorenna
MC Junior

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