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Monza @ Privilege 2008

Monza will be at privilege every Thursday this year. I dont really know anything about this night to be honest so im not going to pretend i do! What i do know is that DJ Melon will the the resident this year.

If you have been to Monza and want to let others know what it is like then leave a comment for us all to read 🙂

June 19th – Opening Party
Dorian Paic
Margaret Dygas
Monoblock live
Matt John

June 26th
Monza Presents Club4
Marco Carola
Paco Osuna

July 3rd
Omar Chibbaro(Y.E.P)
Bruno Monteverde
Tobi Neuman
Federico Molinari
Troy Pierce

July 10th

July 17th

July 31st

August 28th

September 4th
matthias tanzmann

September 18th
Omar Chibbaro(Y.E.P)
Paco Osuna
Alex Under

September 25th

Source: Ibiza Spotlight

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Meganite @ Privilege 2008

The awsome Meganite is back for 2008 in Privilege probably bigger and better than last year, When i went to Meganite in its first season in Ibiza it was pretty much just the entrance of privilage that was used as well as the VIP balcony, Now they use more of the club as its attractiveness grows. Mauro Picotto knows how to party (as you may see whan you are there!) and it rubs of onto every person in the room. Be warned if you choose to go to meganite you will need to brace yourself! Here is an image of the official lineup.

Click to enlarge

Source: Meganite