Ibiza After Hours Exception??

You have all heard the saying ‘There is an exception to every rule’? Well it seems that it may be true and there may be an exception to the rule about my post No More After Hours In Ibiza. Well as a bit of an update to that it seems that it has been announced there may be a minor adjustment to the recently passed law and there may be ‘an exception’ to the law. Obviously this means they are going to allow one of the clubs to open early door’s. With the council in Ibiza trying lock up the owner of DC10 then i recon you can count them out. The only serious contender is Space. Looking back over the last few years of trouble between clubs and the council how many times has space been mentioned or closed? Nearly Never! Space seem to be in the blind spot for the council as nothing is ever brought up about them for whatever reason.

This is great news for clubbers if it happens and great news for space. Maybe the council have heard some of the moans from people saying closing all morning parties will drive clubbers to the hills, which will be harder to police, Who knows. This could also be a reason why Space have not yet released any opening dates, as i reported they are waiting to find out what ours they can open before finalising with any promoters.

Source: Ibiza Voice

More Trouble for DC10

It has been reported in a newspaper in Ibiza that the owner of DC10 could face jail for ‘failing to obay a council order’. The order that he apparently ignored was an order by the council that meant he could not open for the DC10 closing party in 2006 and also for DC10’s party on new years day 2006. If the order was ignored the owner faced a penalty of €1500. The owners defence is that he had the parties and paid the fine which was given as a punishment for having the parties.

The council haven’t seen it this way and he could now face 1 year in prison for his actions. As it has been said in the source of this story 1 year in prison seems a very harsh punishment for throwing a couple of parties especially after he has already paid the fine. Im not familiar with spanish law but from an outsiders perspective it seems like they have changed the rules just for him which would fit in with the roumour that the powers that be in Ibiza are doing anything they can to try and stop the party at DC10.

Source: Ibiza Voice

Posts going slow!

Dont worry ive not given up, at the moment i am moving house and with it having to transfer my broadband account; if any of you have had to do this you can know the time it can take! Ill still get to post the big news and hopefully ill be back in full force soon when my broadband gets switched back on!

In the mean time why not browse the news of your favourite club, Amnesia, DC10, Eden, El Divino, Es Paradis, Pacha, Privilege, Space

January (ish) Gossip

Plastick is reconsiddering wheather to move back to their rebuilt location in the west end after a good summer in their new location (near the egg).

Gatecrasher are said to be in talks with space to host their night there which they have done before. Space is also roumoured that they have not signed any contracts for nights in 2008 because at present they are unsure of when the club is going to be open. This will probably also be the reason there has been no word out of space regarding their opening party or any other parties held there.

Pete Tong is roumoured to be upsetting the people over at Pacha, after his descition to move over to Eden in San Antonio for his own night Wounderland @ Eden 2008 it is said that he has tried to persuade the dj’s of Pure Pacha to go and play for his night instead, Im personally no suprised about this, he is going into direct competition with them so they are going to want the same dj’s to play for them.

Source: Ibiza Spotlight

Mondo Loco @ Eden 2008

Mondo Loco will take up their night at Eden starting from Saturday May 17th. This is quite an early start but one that could do well with the early arrivals to ibiza just before the opening parties start to kick in. Im not going to pretend i know anything about this night because unfortunately i dont, If you like this night and have been get in touch so we can inform others what it is like 🙂

June 7th
Mr Bosco
Sergio Garcia
VVWI Recording party feat
Tim Sheridan
Andy G
Ryan O’Gorman

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F*** Me Im Famous @ Pacha 2008

David Guetta starts his night on Thursday June 5th at Pacha. The night will run through summer until September 25th.

June 5th – Opening Party
David Guetta

June 19th

June 26th
Dave Spoon

July 3rd
Steve Angello

July 10th
Sharam (Deep Dish)

July 31st

August 7th
Bob Sinclar

September 4th
Sebastian Ingrosso

September 11th

September 25th – Closing Party
Source: Ibiza Spotlight davidguetta.com

Cream @ Amnesia 2008

Cream will start their parties this year on the 12th of June. They take up their night on Thursdays at Amnesia for one of the most poular nights on the island, Paul Van Dyk has confirmed he will play eight dates over the summer including the opening and closing parties. If you can handle how busy it gets then your in for a great summer!

Bar M
Coco’s (Playa d’en Bossa)

June 12th – Opening Party
Paul Van Dyk
Gareth Wyn
Mixmag Terrace
Annie Mac
Sean Hughes & Jamie Gittins (DISCOBOMB)

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