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You will have noticed over the last few days that the site has been down. Unfortunately we suffered a massive double blow of bad luck when the server i am hosted on broke beyond repair, then the backup server went down beyond repair, Luckily all my posts and info were stored on a different machine so nothing has been lost.

You may be able to tell that there are still a few errors that need cleaning up on the site. Give me time to clean them up and i will be back with loads of great news including the opening for space

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Amnesia Fined €28,000

Amnesia have been fined a total of €28,000 for not complying to the opening hours in Ibiza. The fines are all from events last year that did not close on time. As it has been discussed at Ibiza Spotlight, €28,000 is not much for the club to have to pay from the takings of a whole season of nights. This is very true but i think it may be seen different in the eyes of the Ibiza council. The council want these clubs to close on time thats why the fine has been imposed but if a fine does not stop the clubs from following the rules then the punishment may change to something that will make them change. Remember what happened to Amnesia last year? Closures could be the next step which is something nobody wants!

Source: Ibiza Spotlight

Carl Cox @ Space 2008

There was no way this night wasn’t coming back for 2008. Carl Cox will carry on with his night and i am sure it will be better than ever. Carl will be playing the legendary space for 10 dates over the summr:

July 8th
Carl Cox
Green Velvet
James Lavelle
DJ Vibe

July 15th
Carl Cox
John Digweed
DJ Marky

July 22nd
Carl Cox
Chris Liebing
Tim Deluxe

July 29th
Carl Cox
Darren Emerson
Adam Freeland

August 5th
Carl Cox
Laurent Garnier
Elio Riso

August 12th
Carl Cox
Tom Pookes
Plump DJs
Christian Smith

August 19th
Carl Cox
Cristian Varela
DJ Ralph (AOL)
Josh Wink

August 26th
Carl Cox
Norman Cook
Francois K
Gilles Peterson

September 2nd
Carl Cox
Valentino Kanzyani
Fedde Le Grand
Roni Size

September 9th
Carl Cox
Loco Dice Bushwacka!
Evil Nine
Alex Metric

Source: Myspace Solo Records

To Trance Or Not to Trance

The latest gossip for today is that Armada will not carry on with their night in Amnesia but Armin will play for cream. Im a bit gutted about this because I thought Armada was a really good night. The music was always really good the tickets prices didn’t sting too much and it was never as packed as cream.

The second rumour is about Tiesto, Word has it that Tiesto will take up a residency at Privilege this summer, His couple of nights he did last year were a great success and it sounds like he is responding to that.

Source: Ibiza Spotlight

Manumission @ Amnesia 2008

Manumission will have their opening party this year on Friday June 13th. This was the expected opening date after amnesia moved their opening party forward one week. Manumission carry on where they finished last year in Amnesia on Fridays,

This year however they will not be sharing the club as made in Italy have now moved to another night.
At the moment all we no is that the opening party for Manumission will be Xpress-2

June 20th
Xpress 2
Steve Aoki

July 18th
Hannah Holland
Marc Vedo
Princess Superstar

August 1st

August 8th
Xpress 2
Santiago Cortes

August 29th

September 5th
Jon Carter

September 19th
Xpress 2

Source: Xpress-2 Ibiza Spotlight

Change To Amnesia Opening & People From Ibiza

It appears that Amnesia have moved forward their opening party by one week. Amnesia will now have its opening party on the 7th June 2008 and People from Ibiza on 14th June 2008. This is rumoured to have moved because Manumission wanted to have their opening party on the 13th June which was before the original opening date of June 14th.

Confused?? Check out the Ibiza Opening Parties 2008 thread

amnesia opening

Source: Ibiza Spotlight