How Much Spending Money Should I Take??

A common question that gets asked every year in message boards about Ibiza is how much spending money you will need in Ibiza. The answer will be different for every person you ask. It depends on who you are and what you want to do while you are there. Ibiza can be a really expensive place to go on holiday but it can also be done on the cheap.

If you plan to stay for two weeks and you want to be going to the clubs regular ( 3 or 4 nights a week) and you want enough money so you can eat out for your meals then I would recommend around £1000 per person for 2 weeks. A lot of people say 100 a day will get you buy and I would have to agree. Personally when I go with my girlfriend we usually take £2000 for the two weeks. With this we get to do and go what we want comfortable.

If you think that £1000 is not much for spending then dont worry, you can quite easily bump that up to whatever you want.

If you think £1000 is a bit expensive for your holiday then dont worry. You can still have a great time on less. Get yourself to the pre parties and you will always catch some quality Dj’s and all it will cost is your drink. Also staying at the pre parties till after midnight you will be the first to hear if there are any free club tickets being made available, this can happen for a few of the nights on the island. You can pick up cheaper food in the cafe’s and restaurants around the towns and if you want to save money by having a drink before you go out then alcohol is a good price in the shops.

My advice on this matter would be to save as much as you can, £1000 is a lot of money but you will think it is worth every penny when you are sat watching the sunset with a cocktail.

Ibiza Consell Inspections To Rise In 2008

Last year in Ibiza there was always a story appearing every week about places being closed because of the wrong ‘Licence’. the most well known establishments to fall foul of this last year were places like Kanya, BarM (Ibiza Rocks) and Bora Bora the year before. That’s not all though, in the Ibiza online community many people saw this as the consell targeting the parties in Ibiza and trying to shut them down, in reality I don’t believe this to be the case. Many hotels and restaurants have also been closed over the last year due to having the wrong licence.

The reason this is happening is purely because the consell in the past have let things like this go and now they are enforcing the rules that they have let slip in the past. This has meant that the places we love are being forced to change. In 2008 i expect more stories and closures as the Ibiza consell increase the number of inspections it carries out. If bars and clubs don’t have the correct licence then at some point they will be closed till they get the correct licence.

A personal view of mine about all this is that restaurants, clubs, bars and hotels have become a victim of their own success, when these places applied for licences then maybe they had the correct one, with success comes people and if the Spanish licence structure is anything like the UK structure then not much has to change to break the licence.

I hope all the owners in Ibiza have been busy this winter checking their licence and applying for the correct ones if they haven’t, Fingers crossed for 2008!

Source: Ibiza Sun

Ibiza Accommodation 2008

I have added another page. Ibiza Accommodation 2008. Here you can find prices of accommodation for 2008 in various parts of Ibiza. Ive only started of with a link to one website (the one i use!!) but i will add others when i get a chance. You will find that accommodation in Ibiza is very reasonable when you book it separate and by using the separate Ibiza accommodation and Ibiza flight sections of this site together you can piece together a holiday to Ibiza for a lot less than at your travel agents. Give it a try 🙂

Eden Opening 2008

Eden will be opening its doors on May 31st 2008. Eden which attracts a large english crowd to the club is playing host to Pete tong and Judge jules this year. The lineup for the opening party is below. If you are interested in other clubs visit my Ibiza Opening Parties 2008 post.

Opening Party – May 31st 2008

Very Special guests tba (dj set)
Trophy Twins
Alex Ellenger
Jay Kay
Oscar Colorado
Jose de Divina

Dj Sin Plomo
Alex Ellenger
Mr Bosco
Dirty Rotten Djs
Electric Sex Djs
Ibiza Residents
D Balmon
Iñaky Garcia
Tony Moore

Source:Ibiza Spotlight

DC10 to close??

It has been rumored since the closing parties of last year but recently the reasons behind the rumor have been voiced by the council in Ibiza. The Mayor of San Jose, has confirmed it has two open cases about DC10, both of them about overcrowding and exceeding the legal occupancy limit. The council have said the club can no longer continue to operate unless they keep to the occupancy limit which is only 60 people. The only way DC10 can continue is if they applied for the official occupancy to be increased though DC10 is located inside Ses Salinas Natural Park and the Mayor of San Jose has said “due to the bar’s location it would be legally impossible to increase the capacity.” Because the club is located in the natural park then it is not classed as an urban area which is how they have got into this situation. If they had a bigger capacity they would legally have to provide more car parking spaces to accommodate and this would not be aloud because of its location. The article also said that even if DC10 was to escape closure over this case then the long term future is still very much in doubt.

DC10 Ibiza


Source: The Ibiza Sun

****** UPDATE AUGUST 2008 **********

Another Blow For DC10

Ibiza Gossip

Ibiza has always been a good source of gossip. In the last couple of years more so than ever, this has been due to the Council in Ibiza clamping down on the party side of the island and making them stick to a few rules. Some of these rumours are a little old but as this is a new site I will start with some things that have happened since the closing last year.

Amnesia are set to take on the Defected night instead of pasha and also Daft Punk are rumoured to be residents for 2008 but it has not been said who for. (cream maybe?)

Space is in the rumour mill as Yo****oshi and Danni Tenaglia are said to have residencies.

The Ibiza government could be demolishing six restaurants in Ses Salines and Es Cavallet including Guarana, Jockey club, Sa Trinxa, Malibu, El Chiringuito and Chiringay. This is because they were built illegally and the government want to protect the sand dunes. The word spreading round is that they will be demolished but having a read round one person pointed out that because they don’t meet building specifications then they could be changed to comply and not need to be demolished. I personally hope they don’t have to be demolished.

Heaven in Ibiza has been closed down. The police have sealed the doors and the owner has accepted an offer for the club to sell it to be redeveloped as flats. They are now looking for a new place for a club in the Playa Den Bosa area.

Please note i have tagged this as Gossip because that is all it is, I am not passing any information on in this post as fact.

Source: Ibiza Spotlight