Pacha Ibiza Out Of Season

As some of you may know, Pacha is open all year round. In this post i will give you some dates of events that are happening before the season starts.

  • February 2nd – richard grey
  • February 13th – playmovie
    José de Divina,
    Tania vulcano
    Jonathan tena
  • March 8th – Defected in the House with hardsoul
  • March 12th – playmovie
    José de Divina
    Tania Vulcano
    Jonathan Tena
  • May 3rd – Defected in the House with simon dunmore

Source: Ibiza Spotlight

Space Opening 2008

If you are wondering were the info has gone from this post, i have removed it. I want to take pride in providing you with accurate information as i know from messages i have had people are likely to book their holidays around what is said in this blog. A very reliable source has informed me that space has NOT confirmed anything at this point. I will however find out as soon as it is made available and i will let you know.

Circoloco @ DC10 2008

Even though the future of DC10 is uncertain it looks like they are still making headway in planning summer 2008. It looks like DC10 will open on the 2nd June 2008.

June 2nd – Opening:
Tania Vulcano
System of Survival
Matthias Tanzmann
Dan Ghenacia
Clive Henry
Jose De Divina

June 9th
Tania Vulcano

June 16th
Tania Vulcano

June 23rd
Tania Vulcano

June 30th
Tania Vulcano

July 7th
Tania Vulcano

July 28th – Circo Loco 10th Anniversary

Source: RhadooMyspace Ibiza SPotlight

Judgement Sundays @ Eden 2008

Judgement Sunday will have its opening party on June 8th 2008, Rogue Indie will again host the back room at Judegment Sunday in Ibiza. Again as soon as more info has been released this post will be modified to inform you of the latest news. If you like the sound of this why not bookmark this post or even subscribe to my feed and then you don’t even have to visit the site!!!! but please do!!

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Nights on the move

Word on the wire is that Made In Italy is moving from Friday nights to wednesday nights on the terrace at Amnesia, This would not really suprise me as at the end of last season Manumission pushed in on their show in Amnesia so it looks like they have moved nights so that Manumission can use the whole club for next season.

The second bit of gossip is that Danni Tenaglia is roumourd to have got himself a residency at space with the club night Diabolika on a Thursday.

Source: Ibiza Spotlight