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  • Jan 31

    Paul Van Dyk has posted his dates for Ibiza on his website. His dates also confirm the opening and closing party’s for Cream at Amnesia. Paul will be playing 8 dates through the summer including the opening and closing parties, those dates include:

    • 19th June Opening Party
    • 3rd July
    • 17th July
    • 31st July
    • 7th August
    • 21st August
    • 4th September
    • 25th September Closing Party

    Source: Paulvandyk.de

  • Jan 30

    Today i thought i would give you your second installation of Ibiza wallpapers. This picture was taken on one of our visits to Formentera, We went on that little coach trip around the island and if you have been before then this is the view off the cliff near the lighthouse! If you havent been then go and check it out for yourself.

    Ibiza Sea Wallpaper

    View From Formentera

  • Jan 29

    Now that we have entered 2008 a few of the clubs and club nights have started to release information such as the opening dates and some clubs are confirming that they will be in Ibiza or that they have moved. This is all great news but what you want to know and what i want to tell you are lineups and good info you can get excited about!!

    Well unfortunately this info just isn’t around at the moment, the fact is the season doesn’t start for a while yet and we get hungry for information earlier and earlier every year!! In the mean time we just need to sit back take in what we can and save our money like mad because no matter what the lineups are this year, whats clubs are open, closed, shut down or moved to the top of a mountain; Ibiza 2008 will still be another fantastic year !

  • Jan 29

    Pollysexual will this year take over the funky room at Eden onTuesdays for the Tranz Ibiza nights, they will share the season on rotation with Frantic and Slinky. Having the hard hous/dance in the back room could be a beter move for these nights, After being to a couple of hard house nights in the past in Ibiza (Lashed @ Eden) they didnt always attract many people, Maybe in the back room of another night they can get it filled and get a great atmosphere built in there, Good luck to them i say!

    Source: Ibiza Spotlight

  • Jan 28

    Ibiza Rocks Hotel have given an official response on my post about the Ibiza Rocks Hotel. In that response they reveal that the official opening of the hotel will be 31st may with a very special guest, with the season kicking in around 16th June, Check out the repsonse here

  • Jan 28

    The night Milk n’ 2 sugars will be held at El Divino on Monday nights in 2008. This has been revealed on CJ Makintosh myspece profile, There are no other details yet and i dont even know if this is the opening party but CJ Mackintosh will be playing 28th June 2008.

    Source: Ibiza Spotlight Myspace

  • Jan 24

    It has been confirmed on the Cocoon website that they will start their summer in Amnesia on Monday June 16th and run through till September 29nd.

    June 16th – Opening Party
    Sven Väth
    Chris Tietjen
    Ricardo Villalobos

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