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  • Dec 30

    So its currently struggling to break above freezing in most of the UK but over the next months there will be a few bouts of Ibiza Vibe knocking on the door!

    As ive already mentioned Circo Loco are throwing their New Years Eve party at Sankeys tomorrow night priced at £30 a ticket (this may be my club of choice for NYE) but the same club plays host to another couple of nights in January that have the Ibiza Vibe attached to them. January is usually a bit of a grim month so im sure you could put a smile on your face visiting one of these nights.

    January 1st: Circo Loco – The End London
    January 16th : We Love – Sankeys Manchester – Slam Live DJ Set, Optimo
    January 16th: Manumission World Tour – Astoria London
    January 30th: Circo Loco – Sankeys Manchester – Tania Vulcano, Rene

    Ill give you an update if i go tomorrow.

    Source: Sankeys

  • Dec 28

    I have added a new page to the site listing a load of podcasts. I did have a list of podcasts as a post but i felt it had been lost and nobody knew about it so i have given that post its own page.  I havent listened to all the podcasts i have listed but i am making my way through them. A couple of them haven’t been updated for a while but ive listed them anyway. If you know of any more then let me know and ill get them listed.

    You will find that i have listed as many major DJ podcasts that i could find, popular radio shows that are podcasts and some others for good luck.

    Dance Music Podcasts

  • Dec 28

    The Ultra Music Festival is a two day festival at the Miami Winter Music conference. Its probably the most renowned party at the conference every year and its certainly the most spoken about in my experience when it comes to Miami. In 2009 the Ultra Music Festival in Miami has exclusive gigs from Tiesto, Deadmau5 and Carl Cox!

    Why am i telling you this? Because in 2009 The Ultra Music Festival will be heading to Ibiza, Amnesia to be more precise!

    Information is a little short in supply for this event with it being 9 months away but on September 13th and September 20th The Ultra Music Festival will be in charge of Amnesia.

    Dj’s that will be performing at the event include:

    Francissco Rossi
    Bill Kelly
    Les Scmitz

    Source: Ultra Music Festival

  • Dec 11

    Reading a thread over on Ibiza Spotlight it seems like there may be no Manumission in Ibiza in 2009! January see’s the start of the Manumission World Tour starting in London and word is that there will be no manumission in Ibiza in 2009.

    There isn’t really much else to go from at the moment though manumission did post a blog post on their myspace talking about the world tour which included the line “Manumission leaves Ibiza for the first time in 15 years” Reading into this a little further it seems like it points towards no manumission in 2009. Manumission have had parties in the uk within the last 15 years so why this time say they are “leaving Ibiza”. Also the poster for the closing party last year also had on it “The Last Party, Thank You and Goodbye”

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  • Dec 11

    Groove Armada enjoyed a great 2008 in Ibiza with their Lovebox events in the Backroom of Pete Tongs night Wonderland. For me it was a surprise that they were there, not that i thought they shouldn’t be but the back room of Eden wasn’t somewhere i pictured a Grove Armada night. Never the less it was a raging success, They recorded an Essential Mix from there at the beginning of the season which was on Radio 1.

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  • Dec 10

    Its still a while of yet but information is starting to become available for the 2009 International Music Summit which is held in Ibiza between May 27th and the 29th. The summit which was part founded by Radio 1’s Pete Tong is entering its second year and Pete says that the Summit will have a big impact on what is played in Ibiza in 2009. They aim to build on the success on 2008 and introduce some new initiatives.

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  • Nov 27

    It was brought to my attention in an earlier post about Ryanair flying to Ibiza throughout the winter. However it seems they have upset The people and the Balearic Government by not applying residents discount on internal spanish flights.

    Ryanair fly between Ibiza and mainland of Spain and its a little known fact that if you are a resident then you get discount flights. However Ryanair have not bothered giving discounts which has landed them in a bit of a situation. Other airlines have made complaints about this because they all do give the discounts and now one councillor has called for Ryanair to loose its licence to be able to operate in Spanish airports.

    Ryanair have obviously seen what they see as a gap in the market as with the current financial situation they wouldn’t be expanding if they didn’t think they would make money out of it. Residents discounts will have been something they have always been aware of and i think its very cheeky to barge in and do what they have done. Lets hope they sort it out so people can have a direct winter flight and the residents are not hard done by!

    Source: The Ibiza Sun