Ibiza Podcasts

The initial aim of this page was to list all the podcasts that are related to Ibiza, Ive changed my mind on it now and want to list all the good dance music podcasts that i know about. If you think there should be a podcast listed that isnt then let me know and ill add it.

Ibiza Podcasts

Radio Show Podcasts

DJ Podcasts


  • Bargrooves
  • Ministry Of Sound TV Podcast – Brought to you from Ministry of sound. Not all of these episodes are video podcasts some of them are just audio featuring guest mixes
  • KissDaFunk – Unfortunately this podcast dosent seem to have been updated for years, however its listed incase it starts up again.
  • Black Hole Recordings – Podcast about Block Hole releases

Festival Podcasts


  • Inside Out Cast – Inside Out in Scotland. One of their episodes is Barry Connels (RIP) last ever set recorded live for the Essential Mix
  • Colours – Another Scottish club, this podcast is done by Michael Paterson
  • The Glasshouse Podcast – A club in Leeds which will play anything from Funky house to dirty tech
  • The Fabric Podcast – sets from people playing at the club

Non Of the Above!

Ibiza Map Of Interest

I have now added another page which has a map of Ibiza and places of interest. It started with a test to see if what i had in mind would work and it does so ill leave it be. With time i will add to the map with more than just the clubs and bars. I’m not sure how far i should go with it but for now ill keep adding to it. With time i will try and add official links to the relevant places if they have websites and i will also try and add links to Youtube video’s of the places in the description. Keep checking back cause it will keep changing and getting better. If you want to take a look then check out the Ibiza map of interest.

NYE In Ibiza

Following on from my post yesterday about CircoLoco New Years Day 2008, i have been looking round to see what else is on in Ibiza this new year. There were originally plans for Amnesia to be open on the 31st of December but these have since been shelved because from what i believe, they are refurbishing the terrace. However there are still more nights on the island to go to if you are making your way over.

The First night is one you expect to be open, Pacha are open on NYE and they have Kurd Maverick and Angel Linde. Standard tickets for this are €35. Also connected with Pacha this NYE is Pukka Up. Pukka Up are organising a two day trip to Ibiza on a plane banging out music all the way over! you get entry to pacha, entry to a pukka up after party and your accommodation for £399.

Also open on new year’s eve is Underground. There is no confirmation on the lineup and their official website has no lineup either. However this club has been open all winter so its expected to be really busy for NYE.

Source: Ibiza Voice Skiddle

CircoLoco New Years Day 2008

At 8am in the morning on New Year’s day CircoLoco will throw open its doors to the crazy people who grace the dance floor at DC10! This could be your last chance to be tearing up the dance floor before 12 noon as i reported in my post about ‘No more after hours in Ibiza‘ The lineup is as follows

  • Luciano
  • Tania Vulcano
  • Matthias Tanzmann
  • Pikaya (live)
  • Claude VonStroke
  • Thomas Melchior
  • Davide Squillace
  • Andrew Grant
  • Pedro
  • Manu-L
  • Rhadoo
  • System of Survival

If you are going then Have a good one and maybe drop me a review and I could post it.


I have discovered that it will cost €30 for a ticket to DC10 on new years day.

Source: CircoLoco Myspace Ibiza Spotlight

No More After Hours In Ibiza

The Town hall of San Jose Ibiza have passed new legislation that will stop bars and clubs opening first thing in the morning. This means that you will no longer be able to roll from one club to another like many people have done in the past. Clubs like Space and DC10 will no longer be able to open at the times they have done in the past. The legislation states that no bar or club playing music can open before 12 noon. That means that all clubs must be closed for a minimum of 6 hours a day.

For allot of people this may not be a problem as many people say the after parties don’t really get going till after that time anyway. The biggest impact this law will have will probably be on Space as the club has built itself on parties in the morning and through the day, Not to mention one of the most popular events on the island ‘Sundays at space’ which was famed for being open for 22 hours straight.

They say this has been done to try and stop people coming out of the clubs (in various states) and mingling with families and other non clubbing tourists.

For an update on this story check out my post Ibiza Club Opening Times Decided

Source: Ibiza Spotlight

Radio 1 Weekend 2008

The Latest Radio 1 weekend 2009 info can be found here at Radio 1 weekend 2009

Radio 1 weekend is one of the most anticipated weekends of the year in Ibiza. Every year Radio 1 ship them selfs over and take over the bars and clubs with live broadcasts. It has been confirmed on Judge Jules radio show that the Ibiza weekend in 2008 will be the 1st 2nd and 3rd of August, this is confirmed for 2008 . The weekend is typically made up with all the radio 1 Dj’s doing there radio shows from the island. Cafe mambo is nearly always used. They will also have an Essential mix broadcast from a club, Cream have had this in the past as well as space and manumission.

Friday 1st August: Radio 1 live in Ibiza at Ibiza Rocks hotel

4 to 7pm Vernon live at Ibiza Rocks
7 to 9pm Pete Tong live at Ibiza Rocks
9 to 11pm Annie Mac (Ibiza special from London)
11pm- 1am- Dave Pearces Eden Mix from 23 July

Saturday 2nd August
1 to 4pm Annie Mac live from Ibiza

Midnight to 5am: Radio 1 Live in Ibiza at Amnesia

Main Room
John Digweed
Pete Tong
Eddie Halliwell
Judge Jules
Gareth Wyn Terrace
Zane Lowe
Annie Mac
Kissy Sell Out

Sunday 3rd August
1- 4pm Annie Mac live from Ibiza

Saturday 9 August
1am-3am Judge Jules plays out his set from Judgement Sunday at Eden recorded on 3 August

Radio 1 weekend – Jugement Sunday:
Judge Jules
Sander Van Doorn
Marco V
Richard Durand
Vicky Devine

Source: Judge Jules Radio Show 19/01/08